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Special Feature March 27th, 2008

An Open Letter to the Physicians, Staff and Employees of Palomar Pomerado Health
lyle e davis

About three years ago I was having chest pains. I was examined, tested, ultimately diagnosed and successfully treated. All at Palomar Medical Center here in Escondido. I fell in love with the nurses and the entire staff. They could not have treated me more like royalty.

The Paper has been critical but not of Palomar Medical Center or its staff. We are one of its biggest boosters. We are very critical of its president and CEO, Michael Covert, and of its Board of Directors. This may have become particularly evident with our initial publication of a critique of the Proposition BB Bond Issue and its subsequent fallout, which was published in December of 2007. Last week we published “A Covert Operation,” an in-depth look at Michael Covert and both his management technique and his management history. Both, in our judgment, are examples of exactly what we do not need at Palomar Pomerado Health.

We are fully aware, having received many phone calls from Palomar Pomerado Health physicians, staff, and employees, all of whom request their names not be used for fear of losing their jobs and careers, that you do not have a voice. You are prevented from speaking out because of retaliatory actions that would be taken against you.

No more.

You now have a voice. We will act as your voice.

If you have a complaint, write to us at While we will need your name, phone number and city of residence, so that we can verify the legitimacy of the writer, we will not identify or publish your name, your city of residence, or your phone number. We will protect you. You have ever right to be heard. We will help you. Mr. Covert and PPH Board Members are extended the same invitation.





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