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Public Pulse March 27th, 2008

The Editor

Regarding “A Covert Operation”

Kudos on your feature article and expose' on subject's president and C.E.O. Reading your revealing, documented horror story on him is just another example of the moral degeneration, corporate and political corruption in today's culture. Nothing surprises me anymore. What more can people do but vote for the lesser evils of the candidates vying for public office? The pay scale for administrators in the service industry of hospitals is ridiculous, just another way Medicare is exploited.

Granted, this is a very cynical and negative point of view but, unfortunately, also realistic. Where is the North County Times on the C.E.O and the PPH Board of Directors, especially its Chairman. With hundreds of millions of dollars given to spend, why do people put up with such imprudent, irresponsible stewardship of public funds? Public transportation is another example.

Henry M. Sanford
San Marcos, CA.

Mr. Davis,

As a taxpayer in the PPH district I have found your reports extremely upsetting. I have long maintained that growth costs existing taxpayers either higher taxes or a decreased quality of life. To see that this cost is multiplied by the incompetence or fraudulent acts of Michael Covert and the PPH Board is very upsetting, not surprising, but upsetting.

I would invite you to investigate why it is that the developer of the ERTC, James McCann, of JRMC Real Estate INC, never developed a web site to advertise the ERTC. Why was there no cooperation with the Downtown Business Association? Was it because McCann and Covert had agreed to a deal? I mean, why have a developer pay for the costs of improving Citracado Pkwy. when you can have the taxpayers pay for it via a Hospital bond?


Margaret McCown Liles
Escondido, Ca 92026

Dear The Paper:

I am new to The Paper, courtesy of Kaiser Permanente's waiting room. But then, I am new to that waiting room too. I enjoy your articles, prefer when you stay local (Covert) instead of statewide (Donner) or even global (Rio).

Yes, your Covert article was great, and I am sure there is more to follow, your choice. Fraud like that is not likely to roll over and move on after couple of weeks. Maybe after couple of years' worth of good articles. And if you ever run out of crooks to expose (hahaha), then you can focus on this Peder Norby in Carlsbad. Baking Danish while taking "incentives" from Lego, gradually coercing the city to turn former Flower fields into an overflow parking lot for car dealerships .... ok, keep working on the Covert case first, I can wait a while .... in Kaiser Permanente waiting rooms.

Your cartoons could use a face lift. First, they are too small to see, please don't shrink them so much. Next, they are too little by concept. There is this great cartoonist Mark Thornhill, who recently separated from the sanitized North County Times. Could Mark be freelancing? What a match that would be!

Best wishes,

/s/Tom (last name withheld)
South of Highway 5

A Differing View

I am outraged about your article digging up dirt about our CEO so as only to hurt the people in our community. In this day and age someone like Michael can get a job consulting and make a lot more money -so wake up and question your own ego and purpose in writing a story like this. We are a district healthcare system making great strides because of Michael’s leadership. He has gone up against some contracts recently that are part of the issue with our bond rating drop and I would guess those are the doctors that have called you. Those doctors are in the minority and are spineless and looking out for their own incomes. They are not looking out for our own local patients. They are bringing their patients out of the district! Michael is all about bringing improvements in quality and patient care to our district even in the face of controversy. The doctors and nurses who really stand up for our community stand behind Michael and are planning for the hospital of the future. We don’t always agree with him but we always agree and are on the same side when it comes to quality patient care and innovation for the future!

Please be objective in your reporting.

/s/Kimberly Dodson
OR nurse
Escondido, CA.

The Right to National Healthcare

The retiring head of the Government Accountability Office, auditing arm of the Congress, David M. Walker states that nothing is more important than fiscal responsibility and deficit spending must be reversed. In his judgment, on its present course, the United States has only five or ten years at the most to readjust its policies to stave off fiscal ruin. He says that the next President needs to awaken the people to this threat and make it top priority as a matter of survival.

Over the next five years, independent estimates are that the national debt, already $9 trillion, will grow by $2 trillion more unless spending is controlled. Almost half the Government debt is owed to banks, or individuals held by foreign creditors, notably China, Japan and OPEC nations, up 13 percent from five years ago. Without reducing these debts, on the present course we will soon have given away our country.

Presently presidential candidates are claiming that every American has a right to National Health Care, using it as a political ploy to win election. What is the origin of this right? Where in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights does it say that any American has a right, even to the entitlements currently in place? Without this change of course and establishing fiscal responsibility, the U. S. Government will be consumed by the national debt with an inevitable day of reckoning already on the horizon.

/s/Henry M. Sanford
San Marcos, CA 92078


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