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  Commentary March 27th, 2008

The Editor 

The Covert Operation
by lyle e davis

Reaction to last week’s cover story, “A Covert Operation,” has been one of shock and surprise at what appears to be happening within our hospital district.

Councilman Ed Gallo:
I learned a lot more about him than I knew before. I was not aware of all the stuff that trailed behind him. The big question is, ‘didn’t anyone check this ahead of time.’

Councilman Dick Daniel:
My concern is with the relationship we have with the district and our partnership. I read it but have no comment over and above what I read.

As to the proposed bonus for Michael Covert (at the Monday, 3/24/08 hearing) “They are our elected leaders and I trust they will do the right thing and make the right decision. They have the facts available to make that decision. I don’t.

I think the banning of the paper is unfortunate. Any attempt to restrict general news media. Policies like that are in place to make sure pornograpy and inappropriate material is not laying around; I would suggest they reconsider allowing The Paper to be in the hospital lobby.

Councilman Sam Abed:
Fastcinating information. But I would really like to hear from our Ad Hoc Commettee as to where we are on commitments made within the MOU (Memo of Understanding). I need to see a timeline of when we are going to complete the projects, as promised.

Councilmember Marie Waldron was still studying the issue prior to commenting; Mayor Lori Holt Pfeiler did not return our phone calls.

PPH Board members Linda Bailey and Linda Green both declined to comment as they were not here when Covert was hired. Board members Kleiter, Bassett, Larson and Rivera did not return repeated calls requesting comment. Chairman Bruce Krider indicated strong support for Covert and felt The Paper was addressing the problem area; that Covert was a visionary and an outstanding executive who gets results. Krider felt Covert would continue to enjoy the support of the present board

The Paper takes the unequivocal stand that we will rely upon our First Amendment Rights guaranteed by the California and Federal Constitution and will continue delivering papers to Palomar Medical Center in Escondido.





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