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Your Body Can Heal Itself! February 28th, 2008

Dr Lim

Attention: Fibromyalgia sufferers

"Yes! You Can Actually "Turn Down" Your Pain Modulators and
Finally Get Relief From The Tortuous Symptoms Of Your Fibromyalgia"
Best Part: it's totally natural...doesn't involve any drugs with harmful side
effects...and is proven to help alleviate most of the major symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

Is it possible to actually beat your fibromyalgia pain ... to improve your quality of life ... and finally to say "enough" to some of the doctors in your life?

Here are some facts you should know…

Studies show that... "Fibromyalgia is one of the most common chronic widespread types of pain in the U.S. The condition affects more than six million people." It can often cause lost work days, as well as lost income and disability, even a severe deterioration in your normal quality of life.

What will you do if your pain gets worse?

If you're like most Fibromyalgia sufferers, your worst fear is that the pain will continue to get worse, leaving you unable to do the things you used to take for granted, like being able to work ... folding laundry ... sleeping soundly for an entire eight hours ... being able to concentrate while reading a book ... playing with your children ... or just being able to be self-sufficient and take care of yourself every day. There is hope though. Listen to how this medical researcher, Daniel Clauw, M.D. describes it … "Fibromyalgia patients experience pain throughout their body (ie. muscles, bones, joints) typically not because there is some damage or inflammation in that region of the body, but because the pain signals from that region of the body are somehow amplified , or not appropriately filtered."

Just listen to some of the research on how this treatment actually works…and its effectiveness...

According to Dr. Scott Haldeman, M.D., D.C., neurology department at the University of California…"Research suggests that manipulation stimulates receptors in the nerves surrounding joints. This increases pain tolerance. More recent research indicates that manipulation releases beta- endorphins into the circulation which combat pain."
The prestigious Mayo Clinic reported that ..."Chiropractic is one of the 10 most frequently used alternative medical therapies for Fibromyalgia."
According to Robert Bennett, M.D.,FRCP, of the National Fibromyalgia Association ... "The ideal management of Fibromyalgia often involves a team approach. The leader of this team is most commonly...a Chiropractor."

We've found that combining gentle spinal manipulation with muscle techniques and leading edge treatments that include cold laser treatments …nutrition… lifestyle management… exercise...physical therapy...therapeutic massage… and a host of other natural therapies ..., our results with our Fibromyalgia patients are often excellent.

We passionately believe that Fibromyalgia can be helped most often using totally natural approaches.
Here's what's included for you in this special offer:

• A Fibromyalgia Consultation and History.
• 18 Point Tenderness Evaluation & Computerized surface EMG
• A Thorough Examination & X-rays (if necessary)
• Doctor's Recommended Plan.

This entire "Fibromyalgia Relief Package" would normally cost you $245. However, we're offering that complete package to you over the next 14 days for only $27.

Simply call our office at (760) 480-0077 over the next fourteen days only, and tell Juliana you are calling to set up your "Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Evaluation" for only $27. There are absolutely no catches and nothing is hidden.

Just present this special report on your first visit to our office. And, remember, your entire first day is only $27 (normally $245). Hurry though. We have reserved just 12 packages for the next fourteen days only. Finally, to thank you for taking that first step and trusting us with your health, we have the ultimate "Fibromyalgia Pain Relief" kit (which includes Biofreeze and Liquid oxygen) worth $45.00 waiting for you, if you call within the next 3 days.

Lim Wellness Chiropractic& Natural Pain Relief Center
205 W. Mission Ave. Suite P
Escondido, CA 92025
Phone (760) 480-0077





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