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Marketing Information February 7th, 2008

   Rate Card    Demographics


From the Marketing Department of

Welcome to The Paper!

Thank you for your interest in advertising information about THE PAPER, the only weekly community newspaper for Escondido and the whole North San Diego County from Rancho Bernardo on the East to Oceanside and Carlsbad on the West.

Marketing Experts call this area the “Platinum Corridor.”  Why?  Look at the Demographics!

                                    Median Annual Income*       Median Home Cost*
Rancho Bernardo                    $72,265                           $639,500
Escondido                                $67,155                           $552,298
San Marcos                             $68,100                           $614,000
Lake San Marcos                   $88,672                           $679,900
San Elijo                                  $85,000                           $
Vista                                        $60,757                           $470,300
Carlsbad                                  $90,115                           $672,600
Oceanside                               $55,382                           $500,500


We hope that you will look at our website at  It has even more complete information about THE PAPER.

We distribute over 25,000 copies of THE PAPER through approximately 500 stores, restaurants, offices and up-scale mobile home parks in Rancho Bernardo, Escondido, San Marcos, Lake San Marcos, San Elijo Hills, Vista, Oceanside and Carlsbad. The editorial content and distribution of THE PAPER is designed to attract readers in the higher than average income brackets

                San Marcos             City of San Marcos -  Paul Malone, City Manager
                San Elijo                  City of San Marcos – Paul Malone, City Manager
                Lake San Marcos    CACI Marketing Systems - Arlington, Virginia
                                                Special Custom Trade Area Market Profile 1-13-2000       
                Escondido:               SANDAG Profile Warehouse as of January 1, 2004
                Rancho Bernardo:


Demographics 2007 – Detailed

City                                Population Median Income             Median Home Value

Rancho Bernardo                             $72,265                           $639,500
(PPH) n/a

Escondido                     140,766        $67,155                           $552,298
(PPH) 3.7

San Marcos                    77,995        $68,100                           $614,000
(PPH) 3.7

Lake San Marcos             2,400       $88,672                           $679,900
(PPH) n/a

San Elijo                           5,365        $85,000                           $
(PPH) n/a

Vista                              90,402        $60,757                           $470,300
Races in Vista:
White Non-Hispanic (49.9%)
Hispanic (38.9%)
Other race (21.3%)
Vista compared to California state average:
Hispanic race population percentage significantly above state average.
(PPH) 3.11

Carlsbad                        90,773        $78,037                           $672,600
Races in Carlsbad:
White Non-Hispanic (80.5%)
Hispanic (11.7%)
Other race (4.6%)
Carlsbad compared to California state average: Median house value above state average
Black race population percentage significantly below state average.
House age significantly below state average.
Percentage of population with a bachelor's degree or higher above state average.
(PPH) 2.52

Oceanside                     161,029        $62,271                           $500,500
Races in Oceanside:
White Non-Hispanic (53.6%)
Hispanic (30.2%)
Other race (14.5%)
Black (6.3%)
(PPH)  2.89






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