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Public Pulse January 3rd, 2008

The Editor

The Palomar Pomerado Health District Cover Story


Your cover story article is an awesome print. You've really done your homework on this article. I see in the NC Times this morning that Covert has met with the DBA to help dispel some of their fears about being left out in the cold down there. He really didn't discuss any of the financial situations which he is really being deceptive about. The cost overruns are putting the whole project in jeopardy and Palomar is not being forthright in telling the public where the district stands
financially. Good work.

/s/Dennis Nutter
Escondido, CA.

The Palomar Pomerado Health District Cover Story

The original of our local hospital was built in the early 50s, one of those nice square boxes that were neat and orderly (like they also used to build schools and jails til architects got involved w/winning prizes for design). Not everything was now as convenient as perhaps some wanted but it was always kept up to date in things relating to patients and their care until of course it became at some point a hospital for doctors run by a doctor controlled board instead of taxpayers.

So after many millions the current update is almost all massive hallways (w/high, high ceilings where all the heat goes and dissolves the AC in the summer) that kill the nurses. Raises for admin are never neglected but the nurses and the folks that actually keep the hospital functioning are usually forgotten when it comes to raises or even bonuses.

"They" have decided we need a totally NEW hospital of eight stories on land some prominent community mogul owns. The cost for this new hospital is phenomenal to my way of thinking in excess of $100 million (don't remember exactly) BUT the kicker is for all the glitz and glamour and money it will only have 10 more beds than the current hospital.

Seems to me there's something wrong w/this thinking.

What is wrong w/these folks, proves once again the Peter Principle-incompetence rises to the top and rules out competency (sorta like nursing school on-line).

/s/Dottie Roberts Slattery
Midland, Texas

The Palomar Pomerado Health District Cover Story

While I'll admit to having some reservations about traffic flow at Mission Ave & Nordahl, on balance I beleive it's a good project and needed doing. The existing downtown Escondido site is just too small to support the kind of medical facility needed to service the districts' estimated future population. Maybe there is a better location and site for the new hospital now, fortunately, under constrution. However, I personally can't even guess where that might be unless we move it completey out of the City of Escondido which I don't like to think about. The basic plan for renovating the existing downtown site and restructuring it to administrative use is a good idea and I personally think we will see that as a definite benefit to
downtown merchants.

I don't know about you, but I doubt many major municipal undertakings get done without some degree of ethical forgetfulness if not outright manipulation. You don't have to look far for examples. Teddy Roosevelt actually manipulated a war with Columbia to partition the country so we could build the Panama Canal. Closer to home, William Mulholland perpetuated all kinds of dirty deals to bring about the Metropolitan Water District and
steal all water from Mono Lake for his beloved Los Angeles. Are these manipulations, these convolutions of ethics, right? NO, they are not. But, where would Southern California be without the water Mulholland provided?

What would have been the United States fate in World War II without the Panama Canal? Don't even ask me about the chicanery existant in the Banking community that would permit the so called "Sub Prime" mortgage melt down; and who knows where that will eventually lead.

Aside from my personal belief that the hospital districts CEO bonuses, if any, should have been determined and paid after the entire project is completed I have only one real gripe.

My gripe applies to financing of most all municipal projects. Why is it that municipalities invariably get construction project bonding approved by voters based upon cost estinates that inadequately provide for inflation? The time lag between voter approval and bond sales usually chews up at least a couple of years and the time lag between bond sales and actual commencement of construction can take several months to years. Then we see the municipality invariably finishing the project with less brick & morter
than voters originaly approved and for much more money than was approved.

Generally, privately owned projects are carried by the developer untiil ready to start construction when financing is arranged, so there is less of a gap between plans and reality.

I'm not so worried about smoke and mirrors, Lyle, as I am about brains.

/s/Sid Colquitt

Editor’s Note: Sid Colquitt is a retired banker and long time Escondido community leader and resident.

The Palomar Pomerado Health District Cover Story

Dear Lyle:

I never cease being amazed how you are able to come up with such interesting and informative features articles week after week. Your expose' on the PPHD is another good example of bureacracy out of control and keeping the public informed. Just think of the medical facilities the $500 million spent on the misguided Sprinter would have covered? I read in Today's Local News issue of 12/22/2007 that Mayor Desmond "looks forward to its successful operation, now making trial runs on its route from Escobndido to Oceanside. Passenger service will begin next month". He goes on, "this is going to be very useful for our residents, especially students at Cal State San Marcos and Palomar College, hoping it will get a lot of riders." I sure hope he is right.

I've heard rumors that the inaugural of the Sprinter on December 28th has been postponed and also plans are afoot for some kind of a shuttle service so people who can't walk that far can reach the downtown Grand shopping area and Palomar Hospital from the Escondido transportation terminal? Who needs to use the mostly empty Breeze buses that can reach such destinations when they can soon be riding the Sprinter??

P.S. I also look forward to the down to earth informative Computer Buzz each week.

Best wishes,

Hank Sanford, San Marcos

Loved the Tombstone Issue

Dear Editor.

Your article, The First Word of the Old West is my favorite for 2007. You provided me with a looking glass into the Old West's justice system. I have seen interesting movies about Tombstone and the OK Corral, but your contribution actually puts me there. I appreciate you taking the time and attention to provide the actual court room language in an 1880's trial through the Tombstone Epitaph.

I have enjoyed your weekly articles. For the past year it was not always convenient to swoop it up since I no longer take grandsons to school from grade school through high. Recently to my joy, The Paper became available at the mail box facility in the Albertson's Shopping Center on Woodland Parkway.

Your paper is timeless and your writers' contributions are most informative and entertaining. The very best to you and yours in 2008.

/s/Lita Bowles, San Marcos, CA.





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