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The Computer Buzz December 20th, 2007

Nome and Paul Van Middlesworth - owners - The Computer Fact


Take Advantage of Microsoft?

It's true. We don't know how long it will last but right now the window is wide open. Here's the set - up.

Microsoft's introduction of the "Vista" OS (operating system) early in 2007 flopped. Business and other savvy users shunned the slow, buggy "Vista" for the faster, tried and true "XP". As "Vista" faltered an embarrassed Microsoft threatened to end support for "XP" in early 2008. The uproar from users quickly silenced that threat.

In 2007, XP outsold Vista worldwide, two to one. According to IT Channel News "XP" sales will continue to eclipse "Vista" through 2008 and into early 2009 in spite of Microsoft's and major PC company's significant efforts to limit user access to "XP" in the USA.

Dell, Compaq, HP and other major Microsoft loyalists have suffered significant sales erosion by sticking with "Vista" as their primary OS and offering XP on only a few low-end PC models. Many small computer builders like us, who offer a complete line of "XP" based PC's, have seen new PC sales more than double in 2007.

While major PC companies have been hurt, only Microsoft's pride has suffered. Because Microsoft holds a virtual monopoly in PC operating systems, "what they lose on the popcorn they make up on the peanuts." The failure of "Vista" simply increased the sales of "XP."

In order to save face and boost "Vista" sales, some marketing genius at Microsoft came up with a plan.

"Why not give away a free copy of "XP professional" with every sale of a comparable version of "Vista?” "Vista" sales would soar, XP sales would drop and no one would actually have to use "Vista." Win/Win for everyone."

As incredible as it sounds, that is exactly what Microsoft did.

Called "Vista downgrade rights" this program allows the end user to order a new PC with "Vista Business" (about the same cost but better than Home Premium) or Ultimate, yet have "XP Pro" installed free of charge.

It gets even better.

"64 bit Vista" is available now, but the major brand PCs being sold today have "32 bit Vista." Having a 64-bit operating system will be a significant advantage in the future. but "32 bit Vista" is not upgradeable to 64 bits. When you exercise "Vista downgrade rights" you can have a "64 bit Vista" at no additional cost.

In summary, you can order a new PC with "64 bit Vista." Have XP Professional installed at no additional cost. You can then sit back and wait for Microsoft to iron out all the bugs, roll out the service packs and make Vista fit for human consumption before you opt to install your "64 bit Vista." Sweet huh?

We can handle all of this for you when you order a new PC at The Computer Factory. Other computer sellers may not be as interested in helping their customer take advantage of this once in a lifetime offer from Microsoft. Try calling Dell, Fry's, Staples, Best Buy or Circuit City and ask them about helping you exercise your Vista Downgrade Rights. Good luck.





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