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Featured Merchants October 11th, 2007


Lovely As a Tree . . .

Torie Sherman has loved trees ever since he was a kid. It’s only natural, then, that he wound up in the tree service business.

And it’s understandable how he has become so successful in the business. His client list includes a Who’s Who list of commercial/industrial clients - clients to whom it is important to have beautiful landscaping, beautiful trees, surrounding their corporate offices. Torie Sherman and his American Tree Service makes it happen for clients such as Torrey Pines Property Management, Hazard Construction, Cornerstone Property Management, DMS Landscape, Inc, many of the major local casinos, a number of school districts . . . where you see beautifully trimmed trees, chances are it’s a job done by Torie Sherman and his American Tree Service.

Torim (Tori) Sherman

Yes, when you see the familiar red, white and blue trucks out trimming trees in your neighborhood . . . you just know it’s American! American Tree Service, a family owned and operated business which has grown remarkably in just 12 short years. 20 years experience with trees, 12 years with this wonderful business!

Whether it’s Palm Trees, Oak Trees, Magnolias, Fir Trees, Pine Trees, Maples, Eucalyptus . . . whatever trees you want or have on your property . . . turn the care, feeding, and trimming of them over to Torie Sherman and his American Tree Service. He and his crew have the experience, the training, the equipment, to make your home or business reach its most beautiful potential . . . on time, within budget.

One of several state-of-the-art trucks owned by The American Tree Service

And you don’t have to be a commercial/industrial client. The American Tree Service can handle your trees and landscaping as well. The American Tree Service employs only the most highly trained and experienced professionals. Your job is done quickly, neatly, safely, and cleanly! All those beautiful trees you see that so majestically stand next to area driveways? Those trees that decorate corporate grounds, beautiful homes? They didn’t happen by accident, you know. Someone who cares about trees, who knows trees, attended to them; made sure they were properly trimmed, properly looked after.

Ever since he was a kid, Torin, or Torie, as most of us call him, grew up thinking and working with trees and with wood. It was a natural transition for him to become involved with trees as a profession because they simply fascinated him. Because of this fascination he has managed to put together a brilliant tree service company that will do most anything on your property that deals with trees. He’ll make sure they’re trimmed properly, if they need to be eliminated he’ll cut them down safely and see to it they are properly disposed of.

All of these trees start out naturally beautiful but when Torie and his American Tree Service get involved . . . you can be sure your trees will become even more beautiful.

Torie Sherman and his American Tree Service. Give them a call at 760.839.9233, or his cell phone at 760.580.4012.

Tori and wife, Kelly







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