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Public Pulse October 11th, 2007

Theories or Hypotheses

I have a pet theory or hypothesis that a famous person owns 'The Paper' and masquerades behind a pseudonym for many reasons. I've lived in San Marcos, Ca. (I jokingly call it San Narcos, Ca.) for 19 years. It certainly has changed since then. From a place way out in the middle of nowhere, Palomar Airport Road, a narrow two lane road, to what it is today, a traffic nightmare. Big developers swooping in to cash in. Apartments, often turned into exorbitant condominiums or townhomes selling for over 300 thousand dollars, the former residents swept out, to fend for themselves in the cold cruel world.

The movie studio interests me. My pet theory or hypothesis is that a relative of mine is involved in its financing. He's from Long Island, New York. Part of the 'new birth family' my ma found. Since she found hers, I found part of mine, my ma. We kept it a great mystery. We spent a lovely three years together almost every day.

I see a famous personage, Teri Garr, around San Marcos, Ca many times. Gee, I wonder with the story about Vikings if she's not the 'secret owner'. Also the story about Jean Lafitte, pirate, gave me another clue, since it is my nom de plume on a multiple sclerosis site.

I'm too fatigued to see if this is 250 words or less. I've forgotten much more than I'll ever know.

Well, its a swell paper, with excellent writing. Kit Carson, Fort Kit Carson, Colorado, that guards the entrance to NORAD, a most vital military base.

/s/Chief Morning Star of the Apache Nation, in Beau Geste, Terry Cordoba.- San Marcos

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