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  Commentary October 11th, 2007


Waiting For a Miracle

Scott Eveland is a handsome lad. At 17 years old, he is an honor student at Mission HIlls High School in San Marcos, California, with an interest in world affairs and always ready to lend a helping hand. He even offered to tutor teammates on his football team who were struggling academically. Besides getting top grades he also was an outstanding athlete. The 5-foot-11, 190-pound lad was number 54, the football team's linebacker.

He's a neat kid. He liked his clothes, liked his room, he kept his car immaculate. He even had his own special bucket of cleaning supplies in the garage, and after each car wash, he would carefully fold up 10 clean car towels so he'd be prepared to wash his vehicle again the following week.

And organized? Yup. He had a file cabinet in his bedroom. And made his bed every day.

He even planned ahead. Scott had hopes to maybe attend UC San Diego after graduation and eventually study medicine. He's told his parents he wants to be a pediatrician.

It was just another football game that Friday night, September 14th. Mission Hills High School versus West Hills High School, visiting from Santee, another San Diego suburb. There were bright lights, a lot of excitement, and a lot of spectators . . . all there for an outstanding high school football game.

Then, just one minute into the second quarter, Mission Hills principal Brad Lichtman, saw Scott appear to stumble. The Mission Hills coaches saw the same thing and asked Scott to lie down. “The game stopped and we started counting numbers,” Scott's stepfather, Paul Luth, said. “By the third count I told my to be in good shape throughout the first quarter,” Lichtman said. “He appears to respond normally. There may be, and this is an interpretation, there may be a hesitation in his first step as he gets ready for the final play. We have yet to find evidence of a previous contact or incident that would cause something of this nature.”

Luth said Eveland hadn't displayed any unusual symptoms to suggest he wasn't feeling well in the days prior to the game, that he was a vocal boy and would have spoken up. He said Eveland looked fine before the game.

“We saw him on the sideline and he gave us a thumbs-up. He waved to us,” Luth said. “It was just like any normal Friday. It's the last normal day we've had. Scotty's ... youth and his strength are tremendous assets here," he said. "They certainly are in his favor that he can heal, heal quickly."

Meanwhile, the family of Scott Eveland is praying for a miracle. Paul Luth said the odds mean nothing. They aren't giving up hope. “He's an amazing boy. He's a fighter,” said Luth. “I don't care what anybody says. We'll wait until Scotty decides he wants to come back and see us, or if he decides with the Lord that he's not. We have never felt so loved,” Luth said. “It's overwhelming at times. If any good has come from this, it's the love that is out there for Scotty and our family.”

Eveland's story has generated an outpouring of concern and many schools have come to Mission Hills' aid. Area individuals, other high schools and their athletes, and area businesses have all come together to help Scott and his family. Prayer vigils have been held. Fundraisers are being held.

Our weekly newspaper, The Paper, has gotten involved as well. We are dedicating a full page in this week's issue with area merchants buying ads saluting Scott and encouraging him to get well. Every single penny from that full page will go to Scott's parents to help out with the estimated $25,000 per day medical bills that are accruing. We sold the page out in less than two hours. Scott's parents will be receiving a check from us and our participating merchants for $1000 just on that one page alone.

So, we've got a situation here in North San Diego County that has caught the attention and the emotions of a lot of folks. The bottom line, as best described by his mother, in spite of a prognosis that is not encouraging . . . . "We're just waiting for him to come home."

A You tube video has been put together by friends of Scott. To see it, go here:

Sources for this story:
Friends of Scott and of the
Eveland Family
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