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Featured Merchants August 30th, 2007


Super Sound Proofing

photoEver notice how noisy life can be? You try to watch a football game . . . or listen to a favorite recording artist . . and the sounds of kids yelling, dogs barking, leafblowers . . . lawnmowers . . all interfering with that precious, and hoped for, quiet time.

Rejoice! Riding to the rescue is Super Soundrproofing . . . the folks who have made a profession out of specializing in sound control. They offer a fantastic showroom, videotapes, a list of ‘how-to-do-it” tips . . . sufficient to make your home one of the most serene in the area.

They sell soundproofing materials to the general public that used to be available only to industry and sound suppression specialists. Now, you too, may have access to this magical material that provides the opportunity for you to listen to the quiet.

B.J. Nash, the Head Sound Suppressor, worked in aviation; learned all about sound suppression. It’s a complex subject but he and his staff make the complex simple, easy, practical.

They’ll show you how to do it yourself. If you’d rather have a professional do it, they have a list of qualified contractors.

He started out in his home in Vista. Today, he has a 6600 sq. foot building in San Marcos and eight employees. Apparently lots and lots of folks want more quiet in their lives.

Call their toll free number, 888.942.7723, or, if you’re local, call 760.752.3030. Better yet, head on in to their showroom at 455 E. Carmel St., San Marcos, parallel to Hwy 78, South Side.

And keep it quiet!


Choix Concrete - Design and Performance

You’ve seen those beautiful slump-block walls that surround lovely homes in North San Diego County? There’s a good chance that many of them have been build by Choix Concrete.

Choix Concrete is headed up by Jose Ortiz, a 10 year veteran of concrete, block and brick work, flagstone . . . just about anything you need to beautify your home . . . Choix Concrete can handle.

One of the other areas in which they excel is a technique that is called ‘stamped concrete.’ This is a technique where the concrete is formed in such a manner as to resemble flagstones, or cobblestones, or blended with colors to complement your home’s colors . . . or the natural landscape surrounding the home.

Whether it’s foundation work, driveways, patios, stamped concrete work, stucco, . . . or the building of solid and beautiful walls, give Choix Concrete a call! They can handle it all and there is no job too large or two small.

Choix Concrete has two trucks to better serve you, both with top professional teams. They accept all major credit cards and they perform their craft Monday through Saturdays, at your convenience.

Choix Concrete wants your home to attain the maximum in both beauty and utilitarian value. To show you how to do this, they’ll come to you, give you an absolutely free, no obligation, estimates. It’s worth a phone call to Choix Concrete at 760.805.1910.


Is The Air You Breathe Making You Sick?

KarinKarin D. Gregory, Healthy Living Consultant and Business Developer may have some answers.
About four years ago she developed some respiratory problems that she learned was due to polluted air in her indoor environment. These pollutants actually cause other illnesses daily in homes, offices and schools across the country. She learned the hard way that what you can’t see, can hurt you!

Scientists have termed these illnesses, “Sick Building Syndrome” (SBS) or “Building Related Illness” (BRI). A whole host of pollutants are encountered, including chemical gases, pesticide vapors, carbon monoxide, dust and dust mites, pet dander, odors, bacteria, mold, etc., all of which can adversely affect your health. Poor ventilation can push this indoor air pollution to dangerous levels causing and/or exacerbating fatigue, headaches, irritation of eyes, throat and sinuses, itchy skin, rashes, sensitivity to odors, damage to the central nervous system, cancer and respiratory problems like asthma and allergies.

The most vulnerable to ill effects of indoor air pollution are the elderly, infants, people with heart and lung diseases, chemical sensitivities and other respiratory challenges. Air pollution indoors, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stated, can be as much as 100 times higher than air pollution outdoors. The EPA also ranked indoor air pollution as one of the top five environmental risks to public health and we now live in a world where there’s also threats of bio-terrorism, the avian influenza (bird flu) and severe respiratory syndrome (SARS).

It was the discovery of “an active air purification technology and system” that sends the solution out to the pollution and effectively cleaned the air in the environment that changed Karin’s life physically and financially. This air purification system is Space Certified technology developed in conjunction with NASA, used to sterilize and scrub the air in our space shuttles, and is also proven by Kansas State University testing which found that, in less that 12 hours, over 99.9999% of H5N8 Flu virus - Avian Influenza - was neutralized. Imagine that kind of germ-killing power in your bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. Viruses on doorknobs, like the flu, die and bacteria, like E. Coli and Salmonella on countertops, are stopped in their tracks. This “active” air purification system comes in a unit about the size of a shoebox and creates healthier living spaces in your home and office.

Today, Karin works from home as an Indoor Environmental Specialist and Business Developer. For free information, risk free total home or office protection assessment and evaluation of this Space Certified Compact Air Purification System, please visit, pass code: guest, or call Karin at 888-656-0533. For Business Opportunity with 6 Figure Income Potential, call 888-875-9645. Yours in Service, Healthy Living and Fruitfulness, Karin D. Gregory
EcoQuest International, Inc.
VIP password: proven
Home Office: 760-758-0988





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