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Fishing Report August 23rd, 2007


Dixon Lake Report
by Ranger Jim Dayberry

Bass action was slow to fair this week. The bass are moving around early in the day all along the shoreline. There has been a slight increase of anglers targeting the bass over the past few days. They seem to be up in the shallows until about 7 AM then moving into 25+ feet of water for the remainder of the day.

Only 2 more weekends of Night Fishing!

Catfish bite was very good this week. The bite was good even though this was a skip week. Mackerel and anchovies are working best. Some anglers are reporting better luck on fresh sardines. There are good numbers of fish being taken out at the Buoy Line or in the middle of the lake. The shoreline by the boat dock is producing good numbers of fish. We had a 12 and a 15 pound catfish taken this week. The fish were also biting well during the daylight hours. The lake will be open from 5 PM to 11:45 PM for night fishing on Friday & Saturday only. Boat rental rates will be $20 for motor boats and $12 for row boats. Rental boats will be called in at 10:45 PM as always. No alcohol or gas lanterns are allowed.

Bluegill action has been good for the kids off the piers. The fish are on the small side but the kids do not seem to mind. Red worms are working best, no one-pound or better fish to report.

Lake Poway Report
by Ranger Steve November

Notable Catches:

Daniel Duran, Pacific Beach – 13.4# channel catfish on Mackerel at the Log Boom -Mike Rosell, San Diego – 10.1# channel catfish on Bonita at the Log Boom - Bryan Landhan, San Diego – 9.9# channel catfish on Mackerel at the Log Boom. Aleksandr Yermakov, San Diego – 6.9# channel catfish on Mackerel at the Log Boom.

Fishing Tips:

Another Week of Big Cats at Lake Poway! Fishing was slow although the larger cats were caught. The North Shore in the corner by the Log Boom was the best spot for shore fishing. For boats, the best spot is along the Log Boom with Mackerel the best bait. The bass bite was a little slow this week. Bass can occasionally be seen boiling in different areas of the Lake. The water is at 78 degrees. The bluegill bite is reasonably good in Hidden Bay.

Last Stock: Wednesday, 15 August was 850 pounds of channel catfish.

Next Stock: Wednesday, 29 August will be 896 pounds of channel catfish (Last Stock of the Season).

Hours –Lake Poway is open for fishing and boating Wednesday through Sunday from 7:00 AM to sunset. The gates open at 7:00 AM.

Night Fishing – There is night fishing on every Friday and Saturday night through September 8, 2007. Fishing in boats until 11:00 PM and fishing on the shoreline until 11:30 PM. Float tubes are not allowed during night fishing.

Bass Fishing – We realize that bass fishermen like to fish closer to shore than our 100-foot rule allows. We allow some flexibility, you can get as close to the shore as you want only from Boulder Bay to the East end of the log boom. The rest of the Lake still has the 100-foot requirement. Also, if there is someone fishing on the shore, you must give him 100 feet of clearance. Beaching boats to fish on the shoreline and standing on/steering the motor with your foot are prohibited.


Parking Fee – There is a $4 parking fee for non-residents of Poway on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and holidays. If you are fishing and purchase your adult permit at the Entry Station the parking fee is waived.

No Smoking at Lake Poway –Smoking is prohibited on Lake Poway, in the park and on the trails. Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking area that is located on the Northeast side of the Concession building.

Heads Up! – Pontoon boats are not allowed at Lake Poway. Permitted types of float tubes include, but are not limited to, round-, “u”- or “v”-shaped float tubes. Call(858) 668-4770, Concessions: (858) 486-1234.

Lake Wohlford Report

Water level: Low level; launch conditions: Poor. Not recommended for large boats!

Starting September 10th Lake Wohlford will be closed on weekdays and open only on Saturdays and Sundays until December 15th.

Catfish action has been decent with some limits of Channel Cat’s hitting nightcrawlers, chicken liver, shrimp, and cut Mackerel. Paul Jones of Temecula caught and released an 8#2 Catfish that hit cut Mackerel at the West Buoy Line. Decent sized Crappie in 10-15 feet of water are occasionally being found in Boat Dock Cove. Small golden shiners and small finger jigs work best to attract them. Salt and Pepper and yellow/white jigs are the colors that have been working best. The Bass are in the shallow waters and are still biting. The shad move in tight to the bank in the early morning so shad-looking lures are the best ticket to success then. Sinko lures, Swim bait lures, and plastic worms work later in the day. Jerry Dishinger of Pauma Valley caught and released a 5#2 Bass that nailed a Sinko worm west of Senior Shoreline. For further information contact the Ranger Station at (760) 839-4346.





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