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  Commentary June 28th, 2007


"Illegals Go Home!”

Illegal immigration in the United States, can most likely never be stopped completely. However, it can definitely be slowed and reversed! We can greatly reduce the number of illegal aliens that attempt to enter the United States illegally, by reversing the flow. We can do this by using the remedies that already exist in United States Law. There is already a large number of supporters among the American people who are pushing for the implementation of these remedies to illegal immigration. Unfortunately, our political leaders are either ignoring us or not interested in what the voting public wantsdone in this matter. They have lost touch with the voters.

This situation of non-enforcement of laws has been made possible by our President, politicians, greedy corporations, and greed motivated industries that represent less than 10% of the US population, yet wield a great deal of power and influence because they have the financial resources to hire lobbyists and use the political system to their advantage. They know how to work the system for maximum benefit to their own needs and to the exclusion of the majority of Americans.

The obvious simple solution is for the United States Government to enforce our existing laws. Our political and media leaders are constantly expounding upon our need to send a clear message to terrorists. Why is it then that many of those same people seem to send the wrong message to illegal aliens?

Only by reversing the flow of illegal aliens can we lower the pressures on the border. The message we need to be sending is that America is not open to receive those who disrespect our laws and our citizens by choosing to enter this country illegally. No doubt, the word spreads very quickly by word of mouth in Mexico that the United States is a really great place to sneak into.

The word that the U.S. is no longer the land of opportunity for those coming here illegally will also spread quickly by those returned to their homeland in Mexico if only our laws are applied properly.

We need to do quite a number of things in order to reverse the flow of illegal aliens coming across our borders and create the pressures that will cause many of them to leave on their own accord. Our efforts must be focused on every level of government: federal, state, and local. It is illegal for these people to be here in the first place. By providing free medical help and schooling for their children, social programs and food stamps we are causing the opposite effect. They come flooding over and bring family and friends along with them. It's like trying to get rid of a huge flock of birds. If we keep filling the feeders, they are not going to leave but rather flock in in even larger numbers!

Here are four simple things we must absolutely do in order to reverse the flow of Illegal Aliens into this country:

(1). Secure our Borders by fence or troops or whatever means it takes, so that we will know and control every single person coming into this country and what their business is here. This can't be done properly in a matter of 24 hours as the immigration reform bill suggests it can.

(2.) Crack down on employers that intentionally and knowingly hire illegal aliens. They must make all reasonable efforts to check the status of questionable people. The government needs to provide a data base that makes such background checks easy for employers to do. If a social security number comes up as Frank Wilson and you are obviously looking at a hispanic man that can't speak english, then it's pretty obvious to most of us that something is wrong here.

(3.) Remove all benefits such as licenses, in-state tuition, food stamps, Social Security, welfare and free medical for illegal aliens. After all isn't that part of the glitz and glamour that draws them here ?

(4.) Empower our local police to enforce immigration law. They should be free to check the status of anyone that they suspect may not belong here. They should be free to use deadly force on any criminal who threatens their safety with violence or weapons of any sort. The police should be free of the threat of reprisals from our courts and judges if they do need to use deadly force.

A broad consensus among the majority of the American people shows we are for these measures, as multiple, national and local polls show over 80+% support for each one. From these multiple examples of support, we can see that the American public not only supports these measures, but American citizens are frustrated to discover that each facet has been compromised by an influential political minority. Laws providing for such enforcement have been on our books for many years but sadly have never been enforced. All our leaders need to do is enforce the laws they have already put in place. Why would anyone think we need to pass yet more laws when we have not even begun to enforce the ones we have? The silent majority needs to speak up and send a loud and clear message to Washington politicians. We are not going to stand for this anymore.

The current administration is quick to point out that we are spending more than ever on border security resources. They do not like to mention the fact that most of our border patrol agents have poor morale because they are being prevented from doing the job they have been sent to do. Their hands are tied and they are questioned and scrutinized at every turn. Some have even been put in prison for shooting armed and dangerous drug smugglers. What message is that sending back to Mexico and dangerous criminals? We can secure our borders by putting pressure on the White House to drop the current orders for our border patrol to only "catch and release" illegal aliens caught at the border. They should be detained, identified, and informed that a 2nd crossing attempt is a felony and they will go to prison if they are caught here again. They should then be handed over to the Mexican government to be returned to their homes (not at our expense). Furthermore, a Congressional inquiry is needed an American Citizen.

Empowering the local police to enforce immigration law is essential, but currently there is mass confusion about enforcement by local police. Most departments do not realize that a Federal law passed in 1996 already allows them to take corrective action. That is why many cities and states are already training their officers for enforcement. The local political will and funding must exist to set this into motion since it is not happening on a Federal level.

Now picture yourself as an illegal alien in an America where the existing laws are enforced, border patrol is allowed to do their job, employers are fined if they hire you, benefits have been severely restricted or completely cut off, and the local police are now involved and have the authority to arrest you on sight. Do you think you would be getting the message? Absolutely you would! There could be no question as to what action you must now take. Leave the U.S. as quickly as possible.

A final touch should be the declaration of English as America's national language. New laws must be passed that prohibit government agencies and businesses from catering to Spanish speakers. Legal immigrants should be required to have some command of the English language. Current bi-lingual services are provided at a tremendous cost to American taxpayers. Consumers are specifically required to aid and abet illegal aliens. All legal immigrants to America should know how to speak our language! English should be our official national language. If we no longer cater to the needs of those who can not learn or refuse to learn English then they too will get the message and soon leave our country. Major corporations are presently the worst offenders. I don't know about you but I'm mighty tired of pressing 1 for English. Illegal aliens will have trouble finding employment and services. They know if they are deported that getting back in will be more difficult than ever and when they are caught by police for crimes such as drinking and driving or driving without a license they are immediately placed in thedeportation line and local officers are sent to their residence to determine the status of others living at that location. Do you think they will get the message then? Absolutely!

There is no need for mass deportations, random sweeps, or massive house–to-house searches. Arrest of just one individual will no doubt open a chain of others that should also be deported. If these measures are put in place, our illegal alien population will shrink instead of grow. There will be some pain in the process and the pro immigration groups will no doubt protest loudly, but we can send the illegal aliens home on air conditioned, first class buses stocked with diapers, cold refreshments, and baby formula, to satisfy the most tender hearted Americans. It will still be much cheaper than the way things are being handled right now.

It is often said, "A chair without four legs is not a chair. We must do these four basic things. This is a true and holistic immigration reform. If we implement such measures, as a unified nation, millions of illegal aliens will begin to leave the United States of America. Some will have to be helped on their way through deportation, but we do not have to deport all 20 million. We can accomplish a great deal of enforcement simply through attrition.

It has been pointed out that illegal aliens, in a sense, are migrants. This means they move from place to place. Those of us following this issue in the media have watched how illegal aliens chose states based on enforcement trends and benefits and how they start to leave a town when local officials crack down. Many of our illegal aliens will migrate back to the land they know if we implement these simple rules and send the correct message which is "Illegals Go Home! There is nothing here for you any longer!"

A good analogy to use is to imagine being in a boat that has numerous holes in the hull and is taking on water. Much like the U.S., the boat will remain afloat for a while but then pass a certain point where it starts to sink rapidly. Right now, we are taking on much more water than we are bailing out. We need to plug some of the holes to reduce the flow of water. Most importantly we need to identify those that have punched the holes in our boat and are standing there saying let's allow all of the water to stay in the boat and more to come in! These captains of doom need to be removed from political office, positions in the media, and positions of political influence. Otherwise we are going down as a nation for sure! For this country to stay afloat we are going to have to sacrifice some time and effort in order to get the attention of our political leaders focused on the task at hand. Our parents and grandparents were willing to sacrifice their very lives in order to preserve our freedom. Surely we can at least spend some time for our freedoms and get busy contacting our politicians. Make so much noise over this that it is not going to be ignored.

The United States Senate and the United States Congress and even the White House have websites so you can email your representatives or even the President. A letter or a phone call is even more effective. Let them know we are paying attention to their actions and we do not want less security and more illegal aliens coming in. We want our country back and quickly before it is too late. We don't want to share our hard earned Social Security Benefits with those who have not earned them or with those who have broken our laws to get here. As history shows, to preserve our freedoms, hard choices have to be made at times. It's well past time for those hard choices to be put in place. Lets get it done!

P.J. Miller





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