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Featured Merchants June 14th, 2007


CAR WARS: Parents vs. Teens
by Peter W. Robinson

photoHere it is: The moment many of us have been dreading for ... well ... ever! The 'Apple of Daddy's Eye' is getting her drivers permit, and it is only a matter of time before she will be needing some wheels. You can't NOT get her something to drive, because then she will be riding with her friends--many of whom strike you as ... well, let's say ... somewhat less than reliable.

So ... what to do? She wants something cool to drive, but she does not have enough of her own money to influence your decision. Of course, not having money has never prevented her from influencing all those other decisions, but this time you are going to hang tough! You hope. You, on the other hand, want something safe-- like maybe a Sherman tank-- but you don't want her to feel like a geek, because that will make YOU look like a geek for getting her a geek-mobile.

One excellent choice here in Sunny SoCal (where a car is presumed to say something about the driver within), is a "gently used" BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Audi, Infiniti, etc. These vehicles not only have the 'cachet' required by discriminating 16 and 17-year-olds, they are safe and well-built. They hold their value (some better than others) so they are worth something when she decides it is time to move to the next thing (usually within a week or two).

Check with your bank or credit union about getting her a loan in her own name. It will be difficult, and impossible if she has no job, but you may have developed a strong enough relationship with them to carry the day. It doesn't hurt to ask. It also doesn't mean you won't have to bail her out or pay it outright, but the earlier that young people can establish car credit, the better.

Anyone will happily accept you as a co-signer, but you should still shop for a rate. You will want her listed as the owner, on the top line of the contract. Many times this detail is overlooked and a wonderful opportunity to establish rock-solid credit is missed.

Don't forget about the insurance factor! Adults have a tendency to forget just how much it costs for kids to insure their cars. It can easily exceed the amount of the monthly loan repayment, and if it is a sports car you might want to take back a second mortgage. Carry them on your own insurance? Sure, why not? Unless, of course, they are the principal owner (see above) or are living out of town. Insurance companies are not known to pay claims happily, and if they can show that you don't drive the car, they may be less than amused.

So, try to relax a little if you can, bite the bullet, do your homework. You knew it wouldn't be easy, you knew it was coming ... but why did it have to come so soon?

It is the loss of control that is so mortifying, the thought that they have somehow moved beyond your sphere of influence.

Just remember-- you raised them right, you armed them well ... and anyway, what can you do? You can't exactly ground them for life ... Or can you? Hmmm ...

Peter W. Robinson
(whose daughter got her permit yesterday)


All Things Considered

Well let me see, where do I start? The pawnshop! I started working for KurmackInc aka Gems N' Loans in 1994. At first I didn't want to work at a PAWNSHOP, but I tried it out and loved it! Not only did I enjoy the diversity of people I dealt with in everyday situations, but I enjoyed the fact that everyday was a different day!

Meeting people from different places of Southern California not to mention the world, being that Oceanside is a military town, has been a great experience. From the customer who walks in first thing in the morning to the employees I work with everyday!

Diversity: I tease and tell customers that we are an "International Pawnshop" because of the employees we have had and have now!

Lucy, for instance, has been with the company for seven years. Originally from Mexicali, Mexico, she is one of, if not the top salesperson/loan clerks we have at Gems N' Loans. She is, month after month, tops in sales and loans companywide. She has gained the love and trust of her employers as well as her customers, who continue to come to her, time after time, for their jewelry needs. She is definitely an asset to the company!

And then there is Linda. She has been working at Gems N' Loans for approximately six years. Linda is originally from the Philippines and like Lucy, has her own unique style of producing! She has gained a large clientele of loyal customers as well. She is always smiling and will definitely put a smile on your face. Linda is our "life of the party." She enjoys music and dancing and every now and then if you walk in to our store, you will find her doing just that, singing and dancing!

Then we have Rosie. Rosie is California's own grown. She's originally from Redlands, Ca.

Wow, without Rosie in our group, we'd be a mess! LITERALLY! We tease her and nicknamed her "Hazel." She's taught us to see the light! We've matured and learned to clean up after ourselves. For the past three years she has not only done a great job cleaning up the store but she has shown the company and myself that she can also sweep up sales. She has shown us that she is a great salesperson as well as co-worker. She's a joy to have with us; her loyalty is immeasurable!

Finally, we have Ana; raised in Brazil, she's the new kid on the block. She's been with us for about a year. She's bright and did I mention beautiful! She's great! She's fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English. She brings out our motherly instincts in us all. She is fun to work with and her enthusiasm is expressed everyday! She loves diamonds and beautiful jewelry and is always eager to see what the new day brings! Ana is considerate and has definitely added happiness to our Gems N' Loans Family!

Yes, FAMILY! That's the way I feel when I come to work and I think I can speak for the rest of the company! These ladies are not just my co-workers, they are my FAMILY! That is the atmosphere that owner, Mack Hembree, has created at Gems N' Loans. Oh, don't get me wrong, it's not always like living at Beaver Cleavers House, but there is no other place I would rather be!

I guess that’s why when folks like you come in to shop for outstanding bargains on jewelry, home electronics, musical instruments . . . I know that you are going to be greeted with a warm, friendly smile and great service.

And if you’re in temporary need of funds, we’re happy and able to oblige. New or old jewelry brings top prices in today’s market . . .home electronics, musical instruments, we’re happy to discuss loans, using them as collateral. Always at a warm, friendly store.

In Oceanside, you can reach us at 722.PAWN (7296), or drop in at 3753 Mission Avenue, Suite 111, at El Camino Real!


Irene Longoria Manager/Vice Pres.of Marketing



Ferris Communications

photoWhat does it take to make a successful business? Vision is one important element. Now in their 20th year, Ferris Communications is an outstanding example of a business that has always had the vision to look into the future and determine the needs for their consumers.

Now, with the recent merger of Sprint with Nextel, Ferris Communications offers an even greater amount of service to an even larger market. For years, Nextel was the state-of-the-art supplier of cell phone technology to the business market. Meanwhile, Sprint was actively and efficiently serving the consumer market. Now these two giants in the industry have merged and offer the best of both worlds to both consumer and business community alike.

Back in November of 1985 Doug Ferris, and his dad, Doug Ferris, Sr., saw that cellular phones were going to be in big demand.  He decided to go into the business. In 1995 this little company had grown to the point that they became the agency for Nextel, and now Sprint as well, and today they rank as one of the major communications companies in all of San Diego County.

Today, Doug Ferris delights in explaining the many ideas for great new equipment and gifts available at Ferris Communications. You may wish to surprise that businessman with a Blackberry cell phone, another state of the art communication device. Or, how about a new Sprint phone with all the extras? Text messaging, camera, MP3 player . . . or how about a Sprint “Air Card?” Use your cellphone most anywhere! There’s a whole family inventory available at Ferris Communication. Just stop by and ask them for help in planning your communication needs. Doug Ferris continues to oversee his Ferris Communications business, seeing to it that his customers are given great sales support and service after the sale. Have a question on cell phones? He has a staff that can get all the answers for you! Give ‘em a call at Ferris Communications 744.6887.





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