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Local News June 6th, 2007

Roger Hedgecock Broadcast Live from Escondido

Former San Diego Mayor and current top rated broadcast personality Roger Hedgecock set up broadcast operations last week at Midway Mobil in Escondido.

Midway Mobil is owned by Escondido City Council Member Sam Abed. His Mobil service station was targeted by those opposed to any legislation that would restrict illegal immigration. Their opposition backfired as Abed’s sales revenue increased by about 225% as local residents would drive cross town and from out of town to support him in the attempted boycott. His opposition quickly faded into obscurity. That was back in October.

Last week’s broadcast - Hedgecock has been following what Escondido has been doing following the rental ban; he felt Escondido has been a model for the region, for the nation, to take local measures to address the impact of illegal immigration. He called Sam and said he had been taking a leadership role. “We’d like to come to Escondido and do our broadcast . . .to show the council that we have a lot support in the community.”

Sam Abed:

“We did a lot more business the days they tried to boycott me. Probably 225% . . . since then, there’s been a steady increase of about 15%. Last week, there were no confrontations, a very peaceable crowd. The police were there just in case but everyone behaved marvelously well. Plus, we got very positive feedback from the community. They drove here from all over the county to participate and/or watch the broadcast from 3pm to 6pm. Very nice.”

Hedgecock image


In last week’s Local News we carried a story about the possibly construction delay of Palomar Medical Center. In that story we quoted Councilmember Sam Abed and used incorrect figures. The cost overrun cited by Councilman Abed should have been $400,000,000 not $400,000; further, the total price tag should have been $1.15 billion, not $1.50 billion. Councilmember Abed cited the correct figures. The typographical errors were ours. We apologize.

Escondido Foundation To Contribute $75,000 in First Year Grants

As the Escondido Community Foundation continues its remarkable growth its impact is resonating throughout the community. With the release of its 2007 grant guidelines, the Foundation will focus on youth education and youth services throughout Escondido. In the current cycle, the Escondido Community Foundation will accept proposals solely in the fields of youth education and/or youth services.

The guidelines contain more specific information about applicant eligibility and the selection process that the Escondido Community Foundation will follow over the next couple of months. Projects must be for youth ages 0-18 years and/or in grades K through 12. Special consideration will be given to projects that address science, technology, literacy, mentoring, leadership and recreation. To be eligible for a grant from the Escondido Community Foundation, projects for which funding is requested must serve youth in the City of Escondido and/or its sphere of influence.

Once applications are received, the members of the Escondido Community Foundation will vote to decide where the grantmaking dollars go.

Through the Foundation’s fund building efforts, half of their donations go immediately into grantmaking, producing $75,000 for grants in 2007 alone. The other half of donations is placed in a permanent endowment to support Escondido in perpetuity. Thus far, the endowment has $93,000.

The Escondido Community Foundation now counts 96 members and over a half-million dollars in paid and committed memberships. These members represent a variety of community leaders from across the spectrum of local business, philanthropy and public service.

For more information go to the website:

A Don’t Miss Workshop

Learn How to Pay for College Without Depending on Financial Aid

If you are a parent who has a student ready to go to college in the near future and are concerned about how you will pay for the education, don’t miss this workshop.

Parents attending the workshop will learn strategies to pay for college tuitions without going broke or ruining their retirement.

The workshop will be held Saturday, June 16, at the Olympic Resort, 6111 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Guest speaker: college funding specialist David Alemian. Co-sponsors: Rose Realty, San Marcos, and North County Voice newspaper.

Reservation Deadline: Thursday, June 14. Cost: $7 per person, $10 per family. Seating is limited; to reserve your seat, call 760-944-4517, fax 760-436-5890 or email





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