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The Computer Buzz June 6th, 2007

Nome and Paul Van Middlesworth - owners - The Computer Fact


Increase Your IQ

We've been around since 1995. Often one of our long time customers will sheepishly drag in a Dell, Compaq, Gateway, E-machine or even one of those "Great Quality" disasters from Fry's.

Feeling guilty, they explain that circumstances beyond their control brought this miserable PC into their possession. A gift, an inheritance or a rebellious family member is the cause. "If I had my way we'd have bought one from you."

Relax. It's not a problem. We encourage our customers to shop around. We are in this business for the long haul and nothing creates a more loyal Computer Factory customer than a three-year ordeal with a Compaq or Dell.

As a matter of fact, we recognize that there are several legitimate reasons for buying our competitors PCs. Let's say your wife insists that you buy a new PC for her ne'er-do-well brother so that he can search the internet for a suitable job. You know that the only thing this bozo is going to search for is an on-line porn parlor. He's a perfect candidate for a $199 Fry's "Great Quality" PC.

How about a graduation present for that "stoner" nephew who's off to college in the fall. You know this kid is going to flunk out and join a punk rock band before Christmas break. A Dell Dimension will set you back under $400 and is a lot easier to pawn than a "Great Quality" PC.

A long time customer called for a quote on a new system. He had purchased several PCs for his business from us over the years. He called back to tell us that he could buy a workstation from PC Club for nearly a hundred dollars less than our quote. We encouraged him to try one. "Why not?" we advised him "If you can spend less and get satisfaction it's just good business to do it"

In all honesty we don't think he can but rather than argue the point we'd rather let him find out for himself how good he had it with our PCs and service. He'll be back next year and we'll still be here.

We repair and upgrade far more Dells, Compaqs, Gateways, HPs and E Machines than we do Computer Factory PCs. The reasons are simple. They don't repair PCs and we do. There are a lot more of their PCs in the world than Computer Factory PCs. Our PCs are more reliable than theirs and finally, our users are, on average, a bit more computer savvy and less prone to problems than other PC users.

That's right, we came right out and said it. Our customers are smarter than Dell's.

So bring in your package PC. Just by coming in you'll increase you IQ by at least 5 points. The bottom line is that we're happy to see you regardless of what kind of PC you bring in. The fact that your coming to us is a compliment we appreciate.





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