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  Commentary June 6th, 2007


Press 1 for English?
Hell No!

Dear Mayor Sanders:

I have lived in San Diego and environs since 1970 when my husband got out of the Marine Corps (fresh from VietNam ) and started law school at Cal Western. We moved to Escondido in 1980, but I still consider myself a San Diegan since we reside in the county. I work in Mira Mesa, so have dealings with the city at various times. I called the water department today, worked my way through the lengthy menu, and finally got to speak to a very nice lady who was helpful.

My complaint comes from one of the first steps the customer has to act upon in order to proceed. The message says press 1 for English. Since I was appalled at that, I hesitated, deciding what to do next. I didn't have long to wait until the
next few words came up in Spanish. So I pressed 1, and sat seething until I was helped.

Since this is America, and our national language is English, would it be asking too much to make others take a side road to get where they need to go, and leave the English as the "default" language, where no button need be pushed???

I am one of those Americans who wants their country back, and I am tired of the political correctness of bending over for anyone who can't manage to learn our way of life.

I will go to the end of the line trying to get my country back – I will not shut my mouth anymore. Now I write letters, make phone calls, email my congressmen, and threaten to give money to the Minutemen.

This is a no brainer, and I hope you make what I consider the correct decision.
You have done a fantastic job so far with the can of worms you were given. Please continue to make us proud to live in this fine area.

Kay Byrne
Mira Mesa

Mexicans booed Miss USA in the Miss Universe Contest.

At a soccer game between the USA in Los Angeles, illegals in the US booed the US team, started a riot, and rooted for the Mexican team.

They are taught in their schools that we stole California, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico from Mexico in the Spanish American war. The fact
that we won the war, then paid Mexico for the land does not enter into it. That we "stole their land" is becoming accepted even by US citizens.

Here's an eye opener: The land was under Mexican rule for exactly 22 years (1821-1848), when Mexico lost a war with us that they started, were paid for the land despite losing the war, in the Treaty of Guadalupe. Before Mexico forcibly took it from Spain in their revolution, it was under the rule of Spain from 1769 to 1821, a total of 52 years. It has been part of the United States for 159 years, after we purchased it in the Treaty of Guadalupe. Before Spain owned the land, it was peopled by mostly nomadic Indians, who, according to anthropologists, originated in Asia.

So here is the score:

Country No. of Years of Ownership

Indians: Estimated at least 10,000 years
Spain (taken by force) 52 years
Mexico (taken by force) 22 years
U.S. (after winning the war BUYING the land) 159 years

Just a little perspective for everybody to think about.





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