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Featured Merchants March 22nd, 2007


Looking for a WhatchaMacallit?

Pete GormanWhether you need a whatchamacallit or a thingamajig . . . even a doowackie . . chances are the folks at Escondido Lumber know just what you mean.

“Personal service to the customer has been what made us successful,” says Pete Gorman, owner and General Manager of Escondido Lumber Company in Escondido. “We take the time to make sure the customer finds just what he or she wants. If they don’t quite know what the name is, if it’s a ‘thingie that makes the water turn on and off,’ then we can probably help them find the irrigation unit they need. If it’s a ‘whatchamacallit’ that you use to haul dirt and trash in, we’ll likely show them our wide selection of wheelbarrows.”

Pete and his staff take great comfort in knowing they can help the novice or expert solve their problems by helping to find just the right implement, or the right supplies, to make a project come together the way the customer wanted it to. Further, they’ve done it so often, in so many different areas, that it’s likely they’ll have sound advice on gardening, carpentry, electrical, plumbing . . . just about anything in and around the home that needs attention, repair or service . . . they’re likely to have an answer. (And just the right ‘gizmo’ to solve your problem).

Many of us remember back when we used to be able to go to a hardware store, talk to a staff member and he or she would know exactly what you needed, show you where it was, how it worked, price it, and ring up the sale for you?

Those were the days!
Actually, those days are still here if you drop in at Escondido Lumber and True Value Hardware in Escondido at 310 S. Quince, Escondido.

It’s part of the tradition you’ll always find at this helpful place. Pete Gorman is proud of the fact that this business has been around since the 1920’s. His grandfather bought it in 1934 and Escondido Lumber has been an institution ever since. Management is fourth generation. Staff, like management, tends to stick around as well. You’ve got staffers who’ve been with Escondido Escondido Lumber and True Value Hardware for over 25 years.

It’s all there . . . a warm smile and knowledgeable people, at Escondido Lumber and True Value Hardware, 310 S. Quince, Escondido, 745.0881.

A bit of this, a bit of that, a bit of everything you need . . .
Spring Gardening tools at your service
The owner, Pete Gorman, personally waits on a customer at Escondido Lumber and Tru Value Hardware








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