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Local News February 1st, 2007

The Escondido Community Foundation Launches

Jack RaymondA veritable Who’s-Who of the Escondido Business community met last week to launch The Escondido Community Foundation, a new charitable foundation devoted to philanthropy for the Escondido area. Long time community leader and prominent real estate investor, Jack Raymond, serves as Chairman for the group. He, working with the founding members, and in cooperation with the San Diego Foundation, will serve Escondido exclusively.

The first 100 members who agree to donate $1000 a year for five years are designated as ‘founders.’ Individuals and businesses may become members by donating at least $1000.

The funds raised as of press time (Tuesday evening) totalled $375,000. The goal is to raise $5 million by 2011. To help get the funding going, the city of Escondido contributed $25,000 and the Escondido Rotary Foundation provided a $10,000 challenge grant.

Under the foundation plan, the first half of donations will be allocated to grants, the remainder becomes part of an endowment fund. Endowment funds are permanent funds that are not spent but invested. The income from the investments would then fund the various charities as determined by a panel of the local members. Under this plan the funding for charity will continue, in perpetuity.

Anyone interested in joining the foundation or wanting more information can call (858) 385.1595 or go


Dorcas Lounsberry


Former City Councilmmeber Elmer Cameron and Jack Port

Dr. Bill and Lorraine Boyce

City Councilman Sam Abed, Debbie and Lawrence Michel, DDS


Mixing It Up at Stone Brewing Company

The San Marcos Chamber of Commerce held one of their now famous Business Mixer’s last Thursday at Stone Brewing Company.

Stone Brewing had been located in San Marcos but recently opened a beautiful new facility in west Escondido at 1999 Citracado Parkway. Naturally, Stone Brewing hadplenty of its increasingly popular brews available . . . they also provided the food for the event, though their exotic foods did not seem to please many palates. Too rich, too spicey, were just some of the comments heard. Ice cream was available, one scoop at a time (don’t ask for a second; they wouldn’t give it to you).

Still, a lot of conversation, a fair amount of laughter. To learn more about the San Marcos Chamber call 744.1270.


Holly Malan, city of San Marcos, Recreation Department

Enjoying themselves at the San Marcos Chamber Mixer is Marie Purdy, left, and daughter, Nicole Purdy


Vista Thief Sentenced

Kevin Hanks, a convicted thief from Vista who plead guilty of stealing nearly $42,000 while serving as president and treasurer of the San Marcos Girls Softball League and using the money to cover his gambling debts, received what some see as a light sentence. The next 45 weekends in county jail and to pay restitution.

An audit pointed the finger at Hanks after checks began to bounce and after investigation confirmed he was the culprit, he agreed to plead guilty. It was found that Hanks had cleaned out the checking account, leaving the League with no money. Hanks received three years probation and ordered to repay the remaining $28,000 restitution.





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