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Your Body Can Heal Itself! February 1st, 2007

Dr Lim

Discover why most “New Year’s Resolution” exercise programs end up causing more pain, hardship and misery . . .
and what YOU can do to make getting into shape simple, easy, and PAIN FREE!

“Your New Year’s Resolution to Finally Lose Weight And/Or Get In Shape Can Leave You Crippled On The Floor & Lead to a Lifetime of Pain & Misery -
Unless You do This ONE THING First! . . . .”


If there was a way to finally lose those extra few pounds (or more than a few extra pounds!) and get into the shape you’ve always dreamt about, eliminate stress that makes you look, act and feel older . . . much older than you are, conquer sleepless nights and fatigue -- allowing you to look back on 2007 . . . one short year from now . . . and realize it was the most enjoyable and rewarding year of your entire life -- would you at least want the opportunity to know what it is?

Dear Patients and Friends:

The pain you are experiencing is NOT YOUR FAULT. Exercise should NOT hurt.

If you are in pain and are planning on an exercise program to either lose weight or to get in shape, let me suggest to you that there may well be a better way . . . with less or NO pain and a more effective way.

Pain free people can exercise. They don’t know what you are going through. They just don’t get it.

I do.

I’m a professional in helping people eliminate pain from their lives. I’ve dedicated my life to it.

Imagine yourself without back or neck pain. What if I do some simple tests that take only a few minutes, that can help pinpoint the cause of the pain and show you the best way to solve it? What I’m describing is my back and neck pain solution evaluation. Call me now at 760.480.0077. I’d like to make 2007 be your best year ever!

Here’s What Will Be Revealed At Your “New Year’s Resolution Exercise and Weight Loss Evaluation Special . . .
• What’s causing your pain and the best possible way to end it FAST!
• If you have spinal misalignments that should be corrected BEFORE you start exercising.
• What kind of pain is “ok” and what kind of pain is a definite sign to stop exercising . . . IMMEDIATELY!
• The best way to keep your pain from coming back after it is gone.
• Most importantly, you will have a complete understanding of what is going on. I will take the time to explain EVERYTHING to you and you won’t leave until ALL your questions are answered.

Dr. Hoon Lim, D. C.

Lim Wellness Chiropractic & Pain Relief Center
205 W. Mission Ave., Suite P, Escondido
between Broadway & Escondido Blvd. Call Now! 760.480.0077








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