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Your Body Can Heal Itself! January 4th, 2007

Dr Lim

"Stop The Suffering! Imagine Being PAIN-FREE
And Having EXTRAORDINARY HEALTH For 2007. . ."

Happy New Year!

“I know you!” That’s what people say when they meet me in town. Then they say, “You’re Dr. Lim. I’ve seen your ad with that picture of you and those two cute little boys.”

We’re happy to report that we’ve met a lot of folks as a result of those ads . . . many of whom became patients . . . and many of whom had wonderful stories to tell:

A few of our Chiropractic Success Stories:

"When I finally decided to try chiropractic for my problems I was at the end of the line. Not sleeping at night, total numbness on the right side, and pain in my legs. I have spinal stenosis and was offered steroid shots for the pain. Not wanting to start that yet, at this point of my life, I came to Dr. Lim. Most nights I now sleep all night without numbness and NO PAIN!" Linda Kennedy

"Over the past 50+ years I have had many injuries from head to toe. I've been to chiropractors from coast to coast and have always felt good after my visit. Several years ago I was involved in a major vehicle accident. Two months ago I started experiencing MAJOR sharp pain all along my lower waistline and radiating down my left leg. Three weeks ago Dr. Lim started treating my symptoms. With his knowledge and skills, and with continuous treatment I'm positive things can only get better."
Tim Watt

"When I first saw Dr. Lim I was in a tremendous amount of pain. After being adjusted for two weeks my pain has gone from a 9 to a 2. I am now able to study without pain and have even been able to begin working out! Thanks Dr. Lim!"
Stacia Bier, Medical Student

"I have been a patient for one year. The things that I notice that I appreciate are that I'm standing much more erect and sitting much more erect with no strain. It feels that this is the way I want to stand and sit. I also feel well, which I didn't before, and finally my doctor measured me and I've grown 3/4". Nice at 55! Lim Chiropractic is a good place with people that seem to be genuinely interested in you. Thank you!"
Robert Rader

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We promise you'll be happy with the care you receive from Lim Wellness Chiropractic & Pain Relief Center. Your unconditional satisfaction doesn't end once you've left the clinic. That's why we stand behind every office visit you have with us with our RISK FREE GUARANTEE: If you're not 100% satisfied with the care you receive during any office visit we'll make it right. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. It's just that simple.

Lim Wellness Chiropractic & Pain Relief Center
205 W. Mission Ave., Suite P, Escondido
between Broadway & Escondido Blvd. Call Now! 760.480.0077







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