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Featured Merchants December 21, 2006


Big Ernies Rings in the New Year!

Big ErnieFolks who plan on attending this year’s ‘First Night Escondido” are in for a treat once again as the inimitable Big Ernie is back!

Yes, you’ll see Big Ernie and his handsome BBQ trailer all decked out in holiday trimmings and featuring a large plasma TV and holiday music playing throughout the evening. You’ll also savor those delightful, taste tempting aromas of barbecued ribs, chickens, hot links, brisket . . . all the good stuff that Ernie and his family have been fixing for years.

“This is our second year of providing food service to First Night Escondido,” said Ernie. “We had a great year last year, great crowds, a good business, and everyone went home with a happy smile on their faces, that’s what we want to see!”

We’ll have food available for snacking on the streets as folks stroll around taking in the sights and sounds of music; and we’ll even be preparing foor for people to take home with them after the First Night Escondido festvities wind down.”

Those who are planning on having a big football party on New Year’s day and have a group of at least 10 persons or more, should call Big Ernie. He’ll whip up a BBQ special that will delight you and your guests and make for a happy New Year’s Day Bowl day regardless of which team wins or loses. So whether its pork ribs, beef ribs, chicken, hot links, beef hotlinks, brisket . . . and all the side orders that are available. . give Big Ernie a call at 432.9553 or 420.7166.

Big Ernie Kinsey and his family, wife, Patrice, children Sherria and Erica, nephews Isaac and Raymond and Joshua, will be there to serve some mighty find food!

They’ll begin setting up at 3pm, ready for the gates opening at 6pm and they expect to see hundreds, if not thousands, of people flocking to this year’s First Night Escondido
You’ll enjoy watching videos of the Manahattan Steamrollers and Christmas music throughout the evening.

For more information on Big Ernie’s, visit their website at:

And, yes, Big Ernie’s does catering. And, yes, Big Ernie’s will be happy to prepare Special Food orders for Christmas Eve and Christmas day for parties of 10 or more.

Call him! Big Ernie’s, 432.9553 or 420.7166.


Christmas Comes to Shadowridge

There were nearly 100 patients who visited Shadowridge Veterinary Hospital in Vista this past Saturday during the 10th Annual Christmas Party, an event that started in 1997.

All pets were allowed to bring at least one human with them. After all, it’s the Christmas season and humans need to enjoy the season too.

photoThis event was the idea of Dr. Jenny Shiebert, one of the owners of the Veterinary Hospital that is a state of the art treatment center for veterinary medicine. “We love the idea,” she says. “It lets the patients come back and enjoy themselves and know that Shadowridge Veterinary Hospital can be a warm and fun place to come and visit. It doesn’t always have to be vaccinations and surgeries. When they come here, they’re not afraid. The animals love to meet and mix with others and a lot of our humans have gotten to know each other over the years. It’s just grown each year. Besides being a treat for the animals, it’s our way of thanking our human clients for their support and patronage over the years.”

Dr. Shiebert has built a fantastic clinic which features state of the art kennels, glass see through walls instead of wire cages, with plenty of room for each animal. There is a total absence of the traditional smells so often associated with veterinary clinics. No overpowering smells of medicines and animal byproducts. The floors and kennels are spotlessly clean (floors are all tile and hand cleaned, several times a day) and each kennel has nice, warm, clean blankets for the various animals.
Dr. Shiebert recently acquired the Leavitt Animal Hospital, long time San Marcos veterinary clinic. Dr. Ira Abrams, the former owner of Leavitt Animal Hospital, but he has stayed on to focus on providing treatment and medication rather than business administration. Also staffing Shadowridge Animal Hospital, San Marcos, is Dr. Jenny Stewart, part owner of Shadowridge Veterinary Hospital.

“We recognize that San Marcos is a rapidly growing community. That’s one reason we were delighted to acquire Dr. Abram’s hospital. We hope in five to ten years to build a much larger facility and incorporate the same decor and atmosphere in that facility as we have here at Shadowridge Animal Hospital, Vista,” Dr. Shiebert said. “We would retain this Vista facility as an animal hotel.”

A California native, Dr. Shiebert has wanted to be a veterinarian ever since she was a little girl. She’d always bring injured animals and birds into her home, sometimes to the consternation of her mom, and attempt to fix a broken wing or nurse an ailing animal back to health. Her mom saw this love for animals and encouraged her.
Young Jenny focused on sciences in high school and sailed through . . . took her undergraduate degree at Loyola Marymount, then off to vet school at UC Davis in Irvine.

“We see about 75-85% women applying to vet school these days,” she pointed out. “It wasn’t quite as common back when I graduated (1995) but we could see the trend. It’s a great profession for women and I encourage those women who love animals to pursue it.”

As one gazed around the Shadowridge Veterinary Clinic in Vista on this colorful Christmas celebration, one saw huge dogs, medium size dogs, and small dogs, some of which were puppies. All were enjoying the attention and their neighbors. Not so surprisingly, the human guests enjoyed themselves as well.

The clinic treats dogs, cats, birds and most small to medium size animals. It features a “cat condo” just inside the front door . . . and always offers a warm, friendly atmosphere.

Goldie, a nine week old Chichuaha puppy, just one of the star attractions

Above, Sunny and Buddy, adorable Shih Tzus, ready for Xmas

puppy  puppy

photo Santa
The Christmas for Animals - with humans allowed to attend, all waiting for their photo with Santa








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