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Local News November 30, 2006


Bidwell House Restoration Moving Along

The Bidwell House in San Marcos should shortly be restored to its 1890 condition. So says Roy Haskins, retired Air Force pilot, long time member of the San Marcos Historical Society (and former columnist for The Paper).

Haskins and his wife, Beverly, are in the forefront of restoring the house to its original grandeur. To look at it right now . .. well, it’s not all that grand. No carpeting, wiring is gone, no lighting, it’s just in the “rehabbing stage.”

Once all the rehab work is done it will be open to the public. Folks will transport themselves back in time as they view period furniture, lace curtains, a fully equipped sewing room, canning equipment and an oak table in the kitchen.

Bidwell House is one of two homes on Heritage Walk, a slice of historic San Marcos at Walnut Grove Park. The work on the adjacent Cox House, built in 1888, was completed last fall. Beverly Haskins often leads tours of Cox House. The younger generation, in particular, are amazed at the absence of light switches . . . bathrooms, and regular sinks with hot and cold running water. Many did not know what a “privy” was.

The Haskins welcome the eager involvement of their grandson, Steve Scriven, who actively works at carpentry and general repairs at the house. In addition, the Haskins can count on support from San Marcos Kiwanis and Rotary clubs.

Bidwell House is named after Colonel John Bidwell, its former owner. Roy Haskins, whose column for The Paper dealt with San Marcos history, recalls that there were only two other occupants of the house that he was aware of; one, an uncle of the de Jong family, owners of Hollandia Dairy, and more recently, a teacher from Twin Oaks school.

Jacob Uhland, an immigrant from Germany, built the house at Olive Street and Mulberry Drive in 1890.

It’s thanks to the lobbying efforts of Roy and Beverly Haskins that Bidwell House is still with us. A developer gave the property to the historical society but it was almost torn down because they had no place to keep it. Finally, after much persuasion (Haskins is a pretty good negotiator) the city relented and allowed the house to be moved to Heritage Walk at Walnut Grove Park.

The San Marcos Historical Society is looking for furniture and accessories that will complete the look and feel of Bidwell House.

To donate or to volunteer in the restoration effort, call the San Marcos Historical Society at 744-9025.

San Elijo Annual Holiday Drive

The San Elijo Networking Professionals held their annual holiday drive recently and collected blankets, sleeping bags and canned goods for Escondido based Interfaith Community Services.

Business owners and managers are invited to go to the website to learn more about this business networking organization and its goals. The group meets weekly.

Free Operation Lifeline Installation Offered

To help seniors living in the Palomar Pomerado Health (PPH) district have peace of mind this holiday season, PPH is offering free Lifeline installation to new subscribers, beginning December 1, 2006, through January 31, 2007.

Lifeline is an easy to use personal response service that ensures older adults living at home will receive quick assistance whenever it is needed. By pushing a lightweight waterproof button that can be worn around the neck or wrist, a subscriber has immediate access to a highly trained monitor who will assess the caller's situation and efficiently link each subscriber to the care they need.
"We are very proud of the service we provide in our community. Lifeline helps seniors and at-risk adults live with dignity and
security in the homes they love," said Jennifer Allen, Palomar Pomerado Health Lifeline Coordinator.

Installation on Lifeline will be free to new subscribers from December 1, 2006 through January 31, 2007. This is a savings of $75. The monthly service fee is $39, with no long-term contract.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Allen, PPH Lifeline Coordinator at 858.675.5371.

Pictured are Sharon Pierro, Director of Revita Medical Spa; Lacey Turlo, General Manager of San Diego Auto Thrift; and Carl Kahn, President of San Elijo Networking Professionals.
Photo courtesy of Rick Paul

Vallecitos Water District storage remains at acceptable levels, but extreme conservation from all residents needed for success

The second day of the Vallecitos Water District total treated-water shutdown from its wholesaler presents a better trend than the shutdown last February, however, water-usage spikes indicate a significant amount of single-family homes and business customers are continuing nonessential, outdoor water use. Although storage levels have managed to stay slightly below VWD staff projections thus far, it is imperative that everyone adhere to the outdoor water-use restriction and conserve wherever possible indoors to ensure uninterrupted service.

Compliance will especially be critical moving forward as storage levels deplete, and the National Weather Service forecasts the possible return of Santa Ana conditions for the region.

Customers can assist the District by:

Turning off irrigation controllers for the shutdown duration. Outside irrigation accounts for approximately 90 percent of the District’s daily water use. Therefore, the value of complying with this request cannot be understated. The task is easily accomplished by clicking your irrigation dial to "off."

Avoiding all nonessential water use - especially outdoor use. This includes outside irrigation of any type such as clearing your walkway with your water hose, washing your car and filling swimming pools or hot tubs. Running only full loads in the washing machine and dishwasher will help control storage levels. Also, take shorter showers and do not use your toilet as a waste basket.






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