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Public Pulse November 2, 2006

School Board Supporter

I first met Sharon Jenkins more than 10 years ago when she volunteered as Treasurer for Discovery Elementary School's Parent Teacher Organization. She and I have also served together on the San Marcos School Board. I have seen firsthand how Sharon's effective leadership and intellect have positively affected the District. She always places the best interest of all students and the District first-and-foremost in her decision making. Sharon is a person of integrity, character and high moral values; she is committed to our students, our schools, and our community, and is the best choice for our school board. Vote Sharon Jenkins for San Marcos School Board.
/s/Jay Petrek, San Marcos High School PTO President

San Marcos Supporter

San Marcos is a booming community. We need strong, thoughtful, and independent leadership to allow for intelligent, planned growth of our city. To continue to enjoy our amazing quality of life in San Marcos we have to elect dynamic leaders with the best interests of our community in mind. As a member of the San Marcos Planning Commission, I have had the opportunity to interact with many members of our city government. With that knowledge, I can say with confidence that the interests of San Marcos are best served by voting Jim Desmond for Mayor, and Dean Nelson and Chris Orlando for City Council. These three individuals collectively represent the best of San Marcos: experience in local government, community service, and an unparalleled commitment to making San Marcos a better place to live. I strongly encourage my fellow residents of San Marcos to vote for a better community. Vote Desmond for Mayor, Nelson and Orlando for City Council!

/s/Seth M. Cohen, San Marcos Planning Commissioner
San Marcos, California 92078

Escondido Parent for San Marcos Candidate

Sharon Jenkins is an intelligent woman who makes excellent choices for the San Marcos schools. I have been associated with her in many volunteer efforts throughout my children's school years and am proud to support her in her attempts to be re-elected to a seat on the School Board. I have been able to depend on her to assist me in all efforts relating to my children's education. She is a fabulous resource and makes choices for the schools that are student-centric. I am proud to say that I plan to vote for her and I encourage you to do the same.

/s/Lori Asaro
Escondido, CA

Many people question the SMUSD board’s decision to remove Ed Brand as superintendent. Due to confidentiality the board is not talking about the reasons the majority board voted in favor of accepting his resignation at the outrageous cost to the district of over $400,000! Why would they do such a thing? Maybe this is less costly then a legal battle? Many of us who have been around have confidence the majority did the right thing because we have seen these people repeatedly make right decisions. We in turn enjoy a very solvent school district thanks to sound fiscal policy. We voted for the board to make decisions for us. It often takes a lot of experience and an active participant to understand everything. It is hard for many people, to have the same level of confidence. I believe the board must have thought the district was in danger. The contract buy out, although a large amount of money, would pale compared to what harm could be done if they continued to allow Dr. Brand's type of leadership. These members made a brave decision to do something, as bad as it would look to all of us in this community. Think about it, they took action within one year without regard to how it would affect them. Re-elect Sharon Jenkins, she will make the tough decisions.

/s/Sheila Trebbin
Carlsbad, CA.

On The San Marcos School Board Election

The San Marcos School Board is a non partisan panel elected to serve what our community thinks is in the best interest of our children. The school board is not about money or party politics. It is not elected to serve the interests of partisan millionaires. This then begs the question, why is Cyndy Minnery running for San Marcos School Board? She has accepted the Republican endorsement along with large contributions from two Republican donors. More than half of her massive $19,000 campaign war chest has come from these two individuals. So, whose interest is Cyndy Minnery looking out for, the interest of our children as reflected by our whole community, or the interests of a few individuals and one political party? Let's not let big money and big politics fool us into betraying our children. When voting for the school board, look for candidates who are supported locally by a broad section of the community and who have the experience to make wise decisions for our children. That's why I'm asking you to join me in voting for Sharon Jenkins and Beckie Garrett and saying "no" to big money politics.

Pam Lindamood
San Marcos Parent

More on San Marcos
School Board

I have two kids in San Marcos School District and I am upset about the election. I don’t understand why a rich man in Rancho Santa Fe has given Cindy Minnery $6000 to run for the San Marcos School Board. And why is Assemblyman Mark Wyland loaning her $6000? Since when is our school board for sale to the highest bidder? I am giving my vote to the home grown, community supported candidates Sharon Jenkins and Beckie Garrett.

/s/Gigi Mojonnier, San Marcos

More Thoughts on the School Board Race

There are so many rumors circulating about SMUSD, and they seem to be coming from Cyndy Minnery and her supporters. She claims we are going bankrupt--WRONG--we still have a significant reserve. She claims kids graduate without learning to read, write and speak English—WRONG—all students must pass the High School Exit Exam which is administered in English only. She claims the teachers union controls the School Board—WRONG—the district is in negotiation on next year’s contract already and both sides are working toward compromises to ensure continued stability and success for our students.

If you care about our students and our district you should cast your vote for candidates who are dealing with the facts, not rumors. Sharon Jenkins ( and Beckie Garrett ( have websites filled with accurate information. Educate yourself before you cast the votes that influence your children’s education!

/s/Liz Anderson
San Marcos






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