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Endorsements November 2, 2006


Untitled Document

The Paper Endorsements

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Lieutenant Governor
Tom McClintock

Secretary of State
Bruce McPherson

Tony Strickland

Claude Parrish

Attorney General
Chuck Poochigian

Insurance Commissioner
Steve Poizner

State Board of Equalization
Michelle Steel

US Senator
Richard Mountjoy

Congress - 50th District
Brian Bilbray

State Senator
Mark Wyland

State Assembly
George Plescia

Mayor - Escondido
Lori Hold Pfeiler

Marie Waldron
Dick Daniels

Mayor - San Marcos
Corky Smith

Mike Preston
Dean Nelson

Escondido Union High School District

Pam Grosso
Tina Pope
Jon Petersen

Escondido Union School District - Short Term

Marv Gilbert

San Marcos Unified
Cyndy Minnery
Beckie Garrett

Palomar Pomerado Health System Board
Alan W. Larson
Bruce Krider
Ted Kleiter
Gary Powers


Prop 1A - Yes
Prop 1B - No
Prop 1C - No
Prop 1D - No
Prop 1E - No
Prop K - Yes
Prop 83 - Yes
Prop 84 - No
Prop 85 - No
Prop 86 - Yes
Prop 87 - No
Prop 88 - No
Prop 89 - No
Prop 90 - Yes
Prop M - No
Prop T - No

Comment on Local Endorsements:

Escondido: While we occasionally disagree with Marie Waldron we believe she has accurately guaged the electorate’s strong feelings on the illegal immigration issue and has been consistent in reflecting that sentiment. Plus, she has been supportive of the business community and strenuously oppposes increasing costs. (We do disagree with her, however, on her vote to approve the outlandish pay raises given the City Manager and the City Attorney). Dick Daniels has established a solid business reputation in Escondido and will do well in representing the electorate. We have also disagreed several times with Mayor Lori Pfeiler (including the pay raise issue cited above). However, she is an excellent mediator, keeps her cool, and is strong in diplomatic skills. She deserves to be returned to the Mayor’s Chair.

San Marcos: Corky Smith has done a great deal for San Marcos, knows the staff, what can get done and what can’t get done. He knows the job, wouldn’t have to learn it all over. Same with Mike Preston. He’s learned his job well and is hard working and responsible. Dean Nelson has earned his spurs and deserves a shot at the council seat.

Given the recent debacle with Dr. Brand we believe it’s time for a major overhaul of the San Marcos Unified School Board. Cyndy Minnery is a reform candidate . . . Beckie Garrett, impresses us as a hard working candidate who deserves a seat on the board. We are hopeful that we, with a new board, will find leadership and give that leadership the necessary autonomy to do the job.





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