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The Computer Buzz November 2, 2006

Nome and Paul Van Middlesworth - owners - The Computer Fact


The Return of the Desktop

Before we start talking about desktop PCs, here's our new website for the church we are selling for Mom back in Indiana, where the living is easy. It's We have a couple of interested parties. One couple wants to turn it into the "International Museum of Angels." Another is thinking it would make a dandy restaurant. "La Iglesia" serving continental cuisine. What they don't know is that folks in Richmond, Indiana ,don't recognize anything without gravy as being food.
Desktop PCs are coming back. That's "desktops" as opposed to "towers." When we opened in 1995 about half the PCs we sold were desktop models. Users typically put the "desktop" PC on their desk and sat the monitor on top of it. We always thought that made a lot of sense. Most users put the "tower" PC on the floor with only the monitor on their desk.

As time went by the tower became more and more popular and for a while we simply quit stocking desktop cases. There was no demand. Now the “desktop” has come roaring back with a vengeance.

It always seemed to us that the "desktop" with the monitor on top was a more convenient and space saving set-up. The PC fit within the footprint of the monitor and having your PC on the desk made loading CDs, DVDs and other removable media very easy and convenient. The tower on the floor was somewhat less convenient to access, more prone to dirt and dust and easy to kick or knock over. Towers do have the advantage of having more device expansion slots but most users don't need them.

A small "desktop" stands about four inches high and a foot wide. Most come with a stand that will allow it to be used as either a "desktop" or "tower". They have two drive bays, one 3 ½ and one 5 ½ inch. CDs and DVDs have replaced floppies and ZIP drives for program loading and file back-up so most configurations don't use the 3 ½ inch drive bay. A DVD-R/W will play CDs and DVDs and copy both types of media too, so the single 5½-inch bay is usually sufficient.

Many LCD (flat screen) monitors have speakers built in so a desktop case with the flat screen monitor sitting on top is a clean, space saving and convenient way to go.

We have a black and silver model that looks great with a matching monitor, keyboard and mouse. For years we have built limited numbers of these configurations for people living with space constraints in dorms, small apartments, assisted living etc. We call the model "My Roomy."

Anywhere that space is at a premium "My Roomy" may be the answer. They are less expensive and easier to use than notebooks and far less prone to expensive repairs.






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