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Movie Review February 23, 2006



by lyle e davis

At the Movies

A Review



by lyle e davis


Well, we saw it.


Brokeback Mountain.


Short review.  It's great.  One of the better movies we’ve seen in a long time. 


It could and should win several Oscars . . . for screenwriting (Larry McMurtry-Diana Ossan.  The screenplay evokes memories of his Lonesome Dove, The Last Picture Show, and Terms of Endearment.  Just brilliant writing), cinematography . . . perfect filming, capturing the beautiful, rugged locations  . . . while depicting Wyoming much of it was actually shot in Alberta, Canada, and, of course, there's the acting. 


Both Heath Ledger (Ennis Del Mar) and Jake Gyllenhaal (Jack Twist) do an outstanding job of bringing to life the two not terribly well educated cowpokes who become sheepherders for the summer.  Though Jake Gyllenhaal is getting most of the public appearances, I think Heath Ledger was slightly stronger in his acting.  Both deserve Oscars . . . only one will get it.  I think Ledger deserves it, but with all the publicity, it’ll probably go to Gyllenhaal.


Heath Ledger, left, and

Jake Gyllenhaal, right


The new sheepherders head the sheep up Brokeback Mountain to summer . . . and Ennis and Jack begin to discover things about one another and themselves.  Both tend to show emotional reserve . . . somewhat laconic in their conversation, particularly Ennis.  But in a relatively short time they have become lovers . . . even though neither of them want to admit it at first it is clear that there is a strong bond here that will last for some time, even though both will wind up marrying women and having children.


Though the subject is a touchy one, I suspect, once viewed, even the most conservative critic will acknowledge this subject was handled about as sensitively as it could be handled and still acknowledge that this lifestyle exists.


The ending offers a kick in the gut that leaves you thinking, "what if . . .?"


I predict this movie will walk away with a number of Oscars.


If I had a complaint, it's too long.  It runs 2 1/4 hours.  It could have, probably should have, been done in no more than two hours.


Still, spend the money.  Go see it.  If you have a problem with viewing a movie about two bi-sexual men who have an ongoing affair . . . put your reservations on hold . . . go see it.  Then determine if it was a good or bad movie.  Don't judge it until you've viewed it.


The Pink Panther - A Horrendous Bomb and Waste of Money


So Evelyn had never seen any of the Pink Panther films starring Peter Sellers.  I tried to explain them as best I could then finally said . . .(sigh) . . . "okay, let's go.  I'll take you to a Pink Panther movie."


Steve Martin stars.  I normally enjoy Steve Martin so thought perhaps it would be all right.


I was wrong.


The movie is made for 10-12 year old kids.  If you enjoy predictable slapstick, maybe . . . just maybe, you'll enjoy it.  It is not the type of movie I would normally pay to see.  There were, perhaps, a total of three chuckles, no grins.  Even a brilliant comedian such as Steve Martin could not save this turkey.


If you're a teeny-bopper (and very few teeny-boppers read The Paper) or if you're an adult that thinks slapstick is ever so funny . . . then perhaps you'll enjoy The Pink Panther. 


Otherwise . . . save your money.






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