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Your Body Can Heal Itself! February 16, 2006

Dr. Hoon Lim


Someone once said, "Those who think they have no time for health will sooner or later have to find time for illness

Pain in the Neck?:  How You Can Reduce Neck Pain Now



Someone once said, "Those who think they have no time for health will sooner or later have to find time for illness.


Here are some Neck Facts:


·        Depending on your weight, the neck supports about 10-13 pounds!


·        The neck is the most freely moving part of the spine.


·        The human spine has seven moving bones in the neck, the same as a flamingo and a giraffe.


·        Proper spinal curves permit normal turning and bending. The owl, with its "S" shaped neck curve, can turn its head in almost a complete circle.


·        A common cause of neck pain in children is the backpack they carry to and from school. A bigger problem than the weight of the bag is the number of times they pick it up during the day and how they carry it. Children should avoid carrying a pack on one shoulder but if they must, they should alternate the shoulder they use. Also, if they plan to carry more than 20 pounds on a regular basis, they should consider backpacks with waist straps to reduce the stress on the lumbar spine.


Is it hard to look over your shoulder? Is there a constant throbbing in your neck? Do you notice a "grinding" sound as you turn your head? Sounds like you need a thorough chiropractic examination.


Biomechanical disorders of the bony structures of the neck related to stress, strains and sprains of the surrounding soft tissues are the most common cause of stiffness, loss of mobility and neck pain. This can occur through a sudden movement, poor posture when using a computer, driving, lifting or contact sports. Injuries such as contusions and tearing of the muscles, ligaments and tendons or even fractures of the vertebrae can occur in severe cases.


The chiropractic approach to neck pain is to locate its underlying cause. This begins with a complete case history and thorough examination. Special attention is given to the structures and function of the spine, and its affect on the nervous system.


With improved structure and function, neck pain often diminishes or totally disappears without addictive drugs or harmful side effects.


Neck pain may also be perceived in other parts of the body. This "referred pain" may include:


·        Arm, hand and finger pain, stiffness, heaviness, weakness, locking of the joints, swelling, tingling and numbness.


·        Poor arm and hand coordination.


·        Front and back chest pain, breathing difficulty, asthma-like breathing problems.


·        Poor or nonrestorative sleep, insomnia and fatigue


·        Gastrointestinal problems such as loss of appetite, indigestion, gas, bloating, intestinal motility problems, constipation, diarrhea.


·        Bladder problems


If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, Call Today to make an appointment for a free consultation and exam! Through proper chiropractic care, we can remove the nerve interference that is resulting in your pain and discomfort. A healthy spine can improve your life. Learn how chiropractic can benefit you when you are sick, hurt or even when you are well. Call us at 480.0077.





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