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The Computer Buzz February 16, 2006

Nome and Paul Van Middlesworth - owners - The Computer Fact

  Bringing Your PC In

Bringing Your PC In


When your PC or your automobile begins to act up, you may need to face the unpleasant prospect of "taking it in." Deciding to take your computer or your automobile to "the shop" is unpleasant because we fear bad news and dread costly repairs, especially when we have no way of knowing for sure whether we're being bamboozled or that the recommended service is really needed.  


If we live in one place long enough most of us eventually find local service providers that help to alleviate our anxieties. Dentist, family doctor, minister, veterinarian, lawyer, tax expert, transmission shop, plumber, electrician, insurance broker, realtor etc. We feel more comfortable facing the complexities of modern living with experts that we know and trust.


Our regular customers know what to expect when they bring their PCs to our shop but first timers are often a little bit uneasy at the prospect of entrusting their "baby" to strangers. For those of you who haven't had the opportunity to enjoy The Computer Factory's customer service, here's what to expect.


Whatever the reason you bring it in, our acceptance procedure is pretty standard. First we set your PC up on one of our receiving stations while you describe the problem. We then perform a set of diagnostics that measure your systems general features and functionality. With this information we can usually answer your questions and estimate repair cost or trade in values. This service is free.


If we service your PC our labor charges typically run between $30 and $90. with $60 being average. A $75 tune-up includes virus and spy-ware scan and removal, disc scan and repair, de-frag, operating system and virus scan updates, start-up menu clean up and dust removal from the fans, filters and case. 


Unlike your car, replacing a defective part in a PC is rarely a financial disaster. It is unlikely that your computer has any component that costs more than $75, most parts cost considerably less.


We service many computers each day and our goal is to have service completed and each PC ready for pick-up within 24hrs. We hit our goal about 90% of the time.


Since 1995 we've built thousands of PCs for business and home users in North County. We have also serviced more than ten thousand PCs of every brand and type. 


Our primary focus is to provide our customers with all the information they need to make cost effective, informed decisions regarding the service of their existing computer systems and/or the selection of new computer systems.





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