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Featured Merchants January 19, 2006


Joes Glass Shack

Joes Glass Shack


Escondido has earned a well deserved reputation for being the home of a number of great art galleries.


Now there’s more great news!   Joe’s Glass Shack is home to some of the most beautiful stained glass works you’ll ever see.  Pieces he has designed, pieces his students have designed . . . they’re all there.  


Joseph Perez, Glass Meister
Joe’s Glass Shack

And now you can learn the skill of fusing glass.  The special glass has already arrived and the new, state-of-the-art kilns are due in any day.  You’d be well advised to get your name on the list as these classes will fill up quickly.  Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced, Joe’s Glass Shack will accommodate any student who wants to learn.


While visiting Joe’s Glass Shack, you’ll learn about his introductory classes on stained glass design.  Learn the basics including glass selection, cutting, lead assembly and various other techniques.


Normally priced at $150, if you sign up before the end of the year it’s only $85 per class session which includes one class per week for six weeks.  Supplies and project are stored on-site during class session.


Class schedules are Tuesday-Saturday from 10am - noon,


Tuesday-Thursday evenings 6:30-8:30pm.  Supplies, tools and glass sold as needed.



Balloons over Paris - created by Joseph . . . a vision that evolved from famous Paris landmarks, Moulin Rouge, Eiffel Tower, & balloons.


You’ll find dedicated students at Joe’s Glass Shack as well as a dedicated teacher in Joe himself.  He literally practices what he preaches.  The beautiful mural above is in his lovely home.  It took him nine months

to complete this work of art.


A native of Escondido, Joseph Perez has strong ties to the community.  He has a strong background in the arts, having spent many years in the photography trade.


Conveniently located at 453 E. Valley Parkway in Escondido, you’ll find convenient parking nearby, a spacious studio, lots of inspiration and creative ideas and people surrounding you.  And . . . most of all, you’ll have the patient teaching of Joseph, showing you how to create beautiful works of art from glass. Join your other creative colleagues at Joe’s Glass Shack, 453 E. Valley Parkway, Escondido. Or call 480 4527.



A Basic Pattern used for students, with a jewel in center, the fleur-di-lis


Albuquerque 1998 Balloon Festival - derived from poster


Ferris Communications

Ferris Communications


What does it take to make a successful business?  Vision is one important element.  Now in their 20th year, Ferris Communications is an outstanding example of a business that has always had the vision to look into the future and determine the needs for their consumers.


Now, with the recent merger of Sprint with Nextel, Ferris Communications offers an even greater amount of service to an even larger market.  For years, Nextel was the state-of-the-art supplier of cell phone technology to the business market.  Meanwhile, Sprint was actively and efficiently serving the consumer market.  Now these two giants in the industry have merged and offer the best of both worlds to both consumer and business community alike.


Back in November of 1985 Doug Ferris, and his dad, Doug Ferris, Sr.,  saw that cellular phones were going to be in big demand.  He decided to go into the business.  In 1995 this little company had grown to the point that they became the agency for Nextel, and now Sprint as well,  and today they rank as one of the major communications companies in all of San Diego County.


Today, Doug Ferris delights in explaining the many ideas for great new equipment and gifts available at Ferris Communications.  You may wish to surprise that businessman with a Blackberry cell phone, another state of the art communication device.  Or, how about a new Sprint phone with all the extras?  Text messaging, camera,  MP3 player . . . or how about a Sprint “Air Card?”  Use your cellphone most anywhere!  There’s a whole family inventory available at Ferris Communication.  Just stop by and ask them for help in planning your communication needs.  Doug Ferris continues to oversee his Ferris Communications business, seeing to it that his customers are given great sales support and service after the sale. Have a question on cell phones?  He has a staff that can get all the answers for you!  Give ‘em a call at Ferris Communications.  (760) 744 6887.  They’ll be happy to help you.


Doug Ferris






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