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Featured Merchants January 12, 2006




Mattress Company


There is just something special about a craftsman’s pride in building his product that makes it an important part of your home.


Randy Taylor, owner,
Escondido Mattress Company


What’s more, watching an artist at his work is a special treat.  Raul Villapando is such an artist.   He builds mattresses from start to finish for the Escondido Mattress Company.  He and owner, Randy Taylor, take great pride in their work and in the finished product.

The Escondido Mattress Company is the type of family operation that still takes pride in their work.  Raul Villapando has been making mattresses for over 40 years.  He’s been with Randy Taylor and the Escondido Mattress Company for the past eight years.


They are, “family.”  They work closely together and have the same dedication to fine workmanship that you expect of skilled craftsmen.   Still, they can supply quality mattresses for most any budget, from the young married couple on a tight budget, to those who have acquired a taste for the top of the line mattress with the finest in quality and materials.  In truth, it is said that ‘a lot of people sleep better tonight, because of Randy Taylor and The Escondido Mattress Company.’




Escondido Mattress Company is a manufacturer of fine spring and latex mattresses. From their small, family owned mattress factory in Escondido they produce elegant pocket-coil and latex mattresses, -but at a fraction of the cost - and often, of finer-quality.



Master Craftsman
Raul Villapando


Latex mattresses and pocket-coil mattresses, provide the ultimate sleep and are the "best sellers" from well known makers.


They handcraft elegant reproductions of the same great mattresses you already know and trust, but at a savings that will let you sleep at night.


Buying direct from the maker gives you - the consumer, a tremendous savings advantage. You save a bundle by avoiding costly middle-men, big store markups, and fat sales commissions.  Call The Escondido Mattress Company, 745.5336.  


Bali Imports

Bali Imports

Flying Dragon Imports


She’s beautiful, she travels around the world at least three times every year, she has a career most of us would give our right arm for . . . and she’s got a fascinating store with an inventory that entices the imagination.


Whether it’s totem poles, tropical, South Seas accessories, clothing, unique and exotic gifts or party decorations for theme parties, Lin Lloyd has them waiting for you at her beautiful San Marcos location, 1285 Stone Avenue.


Everytime she flies off to Bali she returns with something different . . . unusually fine quality, hand picked by her, not by some agent.  It’s a long, long flight each way, but it’s important to Lin that she see the merchandise personally, that she knows the vendors, that she hand selects her items.  Recently, she added women’s clothing . . .sarongs, skirts, tops . . . jewelry . . . and all she personally selects based on style, color, and the craftsmanship of her known and trusted vendors.


World Traveler,
Lin Lloyd


While she has some high-end items in stock, most of her merchandise is moderately priced.  In fact, she’s closing out her collection of Balinese silver jewelry.  If you hurry, you can still take advantage of silver sale prices offered at 50% off!


Also, look for lovely exotic wood carvings and other beautiful art.


How does someone get into such an exotic lifestyle and business?


Lin laughs and says, “I’ve always loved shopping and I’ve always loved traveling.  It just seemed a natural.  I started out with an art gallery on the central coast in Oregon.  We started with art imported from Peru and Mexico.  The opportunity came up for me to buy out an existing Balinese Import Store.  At first I used agents and brokers but it was important to me to get to know the vendors . . . develop my own contacts . . . so I began to travel to Bali myself.  I now go three times a year, February, June and September.  The vendors know me, I know them.  We have a wonderful working relationship and they will go out of their way to let me know when they have some particularly attractive buys.”


Lin goes on to say . . . “we’ve developed such a large network in Bali.  A number of families depend upon me for their livlihood.  If I ever decided to retire it would be hard because a lot of Balinese and their families might well be out of a job.  We have that close of a relationship.  We’ve made a lot of business contacts, but those business contacts have also become close, reliable friends.”


From totem poles to animals to birds, you’ll find it at Bali Imports!


Doesn’t the travel, particularly the lengthy plane trips to Bali, get tiring?


“Yes, it does.  But once I get in Bali I fall in love all over again with the country and its people. I’ve kinda learned how to balance my life in both the East and the West.  It’s a very inexpensive place to live in Bali.  The weather and beaches are lovely.  Still, people who think all I do is lie out on a beach and relax are misinformed.  Typically, may car picks me up at 8am . . . we travel all day visiting vendors, families, merchandise centers, the people who have products to offer.  In the evening I have a nice meal and then try to relax.  So, I have no complaints.  I love what I do.  And it pleases me so much to see our customers who fall in love with our merchandise.  It’s a labor of love.”


Bali Imports accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express.  They are open Tues-Saturday 10:30am-4:30pm.  Call 510.1570.  Call them.  Better yet, go by for a visit!





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