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Editorial December 23, 2004



Wyland on Target

Wyland on Target


I continue to be impressed with Assemblyman Mark Wyland.  He is one of the few legislators who has the moxie to tackle a difficult piece of legislation but, in so doing, shows that he has correctly read the mood and need of his constituency He has proposed a constitutional amendment to bar illegal immigrants from obtaining state driver's licenses and other benefits. If, like last year, the Democratic Legislature refuses to act on the amendment, he will push for a ballot initiative if his bill is not passed.


Then,  Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Vista, said he will help pay for mailings supporting the anti-illegal immigrant ballot initiative.

"We must remember that we are a sovereign nation with the right to control our borders," Issa said in a release. "Illegal immigration has no place in our nation."


Wyland and Issa cite a report by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a group aimed at curbing immigration into the country, that said illegal immigrants cost the state nearly $9 billion each year.


Reader responses to our cover story dealing with immigration (7/29/04 issue, “Time To Get Tough) clearly state that this is an issue important to North San Diego County.  We have zero problem with the Latino population.  We welcome them with open arms . . . but only if they are legal.  We want absolutely nothing to do with illegal activity in any way shape or form.  Wyland’s amendment, with Issa’s support,  would helps set matters right.


Grant Manning knows how to throw a party.


He and his partner, Kirk Hansen, owners of Century 21 Home First Real Estate, are not only the ‘wunderkids’ of real estate (they’re only 25 years of age and are well on their way toward building a real estate empire in North County), but they also have to be acknowledged as two of the most genial and generous hosts in the area.


Having just opened their new offices this year in San Marcos, they had their 1st Annual Holiday Celebration last Saturday.  They had a shuttle bus run guests to and from their office at 935 W. San Marcos Blvd., to Kirk’s beautiful Coronado Hills Estate that was somewhere around 4000 square feet in size, beautifully landscaped, a lush home, both beautiful and big . . . like a castle.  There was a nice little combo that played a mixture of Christmas music and dance tunes all night, a lovely decorated pool and jacuzzi, with subdued holiday colored lighting, and a good mix of lively and interesting people. 


I haven’t even mentioned the food.  They had catered food that was out of this world.  The appetizer tables were loaded with lots and lots of fresh shrimp, practically any hors d’oeuvres you could imagine, an open bar, tables with most any wine you could imagine, and plenty of soft drinks for teetotalers.  The  guest list included almost anyone associated with real estate - mortgage folks, escrow companies, title companies, and the rather large staff of Century 21 Homes First as well.


It was truly the finest party I’ve ever attended and I’ve been to a few.  I’m putting my bid in now for an invite to next year’s Christmas Party as long as Grant and Kirk throw it.


The elections are over.  We need to put them behind us.  I get email “jokes” and “commentaries” about the election, particularly the national election.  They go into the electronic waste basket.  I don’t have time for them.  There was enough rancor during the campaign.  We need to move on.


Have a great Christmas everyone.  See you next year!