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American Oddities

December 9, 2004





Strange Buildings


Alert reader, Jeannie “Muthah” Nutter, of Escondido, came across this most interesting collection and forwarded it to us.


We found it so unusual and interesting we wanted to share it with you.


America has its share of strange or unusual buildings. The one to the right, above, is the binocular building. It is located on Main Street in Venice, CA, and is home to the Chiat/ Day/Mojo Advertising Agency. It was built in 1991. Let's peek through the binoculars and see what others we can find.






People driving by often do a double take when they spot Wonderworks. This three-story tall, classically-designed building appears to have landed, upside down, atop a 1930s era brick warehouse. Inside awaits a myriad of fun things to do for the entire family. Next time you're in Orlando, FL, stop by. I promise you won't have to stand on your head to enjoy it.




Frank Redford built his wigwam gas station/restaurant and the Wigwam Village Motel in th 1930's in Horse Cave, KY. He later built five more Wigwam Villages across the country but the one in Horse Cave is the only one remaining.



Shoe magnate Mahlon Haines built the Shoe House in Hallam, PA, in 1948. He lent it free of charge to honeymooners. The current owners now conduct tours of its three surprisingly lovely bedrooms, and operate a home-made ice cream parlor.



Margate City, NJ (close to Atlantic City) is home to Lucy the elephant. Lucy is the world's largest elephant and the only one to be designated a National Historic Landmark. James V. Lafferty built Lucy in 1881. She stands 6 stories high and weighs 90 tons! She served as a hotel and then a tavern. Today visitors can tour Lucy's innards and visit her gift sho



You’ll find this coffee pot building in Rockbridge County,VA.



We all know North Carolina is famous for the manufacturing of fine furniture. This building is located in High Point, NC. and was built in the 1920's. It now serves as offices for the High Point Jaycees. By the way, the sock hanging out of the drawer is six feet long.




Anyone for a picnic? This huge basket building in Licking County, OH, is home to the offices of Longaberger Basket Company.