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Professional Real Estate Advice December 9, 2004

John Puhek
Owner Broker/RE/MAX Professionals





Be Prepared! If you are out shopping for real estate, remember that you are competing with other buyers. This is still a "seller's market." The demand outweighs the supply. There continue to be at times multiple offers on the same property. You need to position yourself as eminently qualified for the purchase.


Get pre-APPROVED for a loan, and then go shopping. It should be like having cash in hand. When sellers are entertaining multiple offers at about the same price, it is the most qualified buyer that will prevail. "Pre-APPROVAL" is also very different than "pre-qualifying".  "Pre-qualified" is a lender's evaluation of your purchasing power based on un-verified preliminary information. A pre-qualification certificate may not be worth the paper it is written on. Sellers working with competent agents will know this. Be careful! not all lenders have the same definition for pre-approval. Sometimes what they are calling a pre-approval is a pre-qualification in disguise. You want a pre-approval with an UNDERWRITER'S COMMITMENT for a loan. To get the house you want when competing with other buyers, you want "teeth" in your offer. Be ready with your loan.


For free consultation or a free property evaluation, call John Puhek.  Simply phone 760.591.7400.