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Your Body Can Heal Itself! December 9, 2004

Dr. Hoon Lim


Which is First. Symptoms or Disease?

How many of you have heard that the flu makes you sick? Did you know the flu doesn't make you sick? Your body was already sick and malfunctioning, therefore, you ended up having the flu.

Cancer doesn't make you sick either. You see, your body was sick, run down and malfunctioning, and therefore you ended up having cancer. Cancer is the end result of years of disease, of malfunction.

Diabetes doesn't make you sick, but sickness makes you diabetic.

And so it is for every single disease you can mention. Everyone believes that healthy people get sick because they happen to trip over a disease somewhere.

Where do you think people get their gallstones? Did their mother put them in their chicken soup? Have they ever asked themselves why they had gallstones? Most people, including some doctors, don't usually ask these questions. They just say, "He's sick, bad luck, cut him open." I want to tell you gallstones didn't make you sick. Sickness allowed gallstones to develop.

All of your life you've been lied to. You've been led to believe that if you have no symptoms, it means you're healthy. We once found someone who, for 17 years, was taking pills to suppress symptoms of circulatory damage. For 17 years of his life he took pills, which totally eradicated his symptoms of circulatory damage. He had no symptoms at all when he went out to play 18 holes of golf. And then this fine young man came off the golf course and dropped dead of a heart attack, totally asymptomatic. "Do you want me to believe that he was healthy?"

It seems to me that the only intelligent approach to health is the restoration and the maintenance of the integrity of the nervous system before people get sick, not after.

What chiropractic does to help you is to move the bones off the nerves they are pinching. We call this a spinal adjustment, which will permit the body to heal itself, just as the life comes back to your leg as soon as you uncross it.

We’d love to share more with you at our Health Care Classes on Wednesdays from 6 to 7:00 pm. The classes are free, nothing is sold, there is no admission fee. You, your family, and your friends are invited to attend. Please call to RSVP as seating is limited.

Blessings to you and yours.