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Social Butterfly December 9, 2004

Dr Dorota Pearson, DVM


Caring for Your Senior Cat

Caring for Your Senior Cat


Statistics show that cats, like people, are living longer.  This is great news!  We all treasure the companionship we share with our pets.  We also hope to provide them the longest, happiest and healthiest lives possible.  It may seem like only yesterday when you brought home a bright, bouncy kitten.  However, by seven years, your cat has entered middle age, at 12 years old, we consider cats to be “elderly,” and at 15 or above, the term ‘aged’ could even apply.

In reality, old age is never just a number but rather a measure of the effects of aging on the body.  Many variables affect aging, including genetics, nutrition, and environment.  Although good genes remain a matter of luck, there are growing numbers of ways we can ‘slow the clock’ and promote healthful, long lives for our pets.  As your cat ages, changes in behavior and physical condition inevitably occur.  Body systems begin to slow down, the coat and skin change, joints stiffen, the senses are less keen.  Just as in people, several diseases increase in likelihood as cats age.  Kidney disease, heart disease, thyroid problems, diabetes, arthritis, and cancer are common.  The good news is that many of these conditions can be controlled or even prevented with early detection and treatment.  This is where pet owners, working closely with their veterinarian, can make such a significant difference for their pets.


We love to work with pet owners who have the need to care for the Senior Pets.  If you have questions, please give us a call at 598 2512.  We’re here to help - both you and your pet. Happy Holidays to all from Pearson’s Animal Hospital.