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Special Feature November 18, 2004


For Women Only

For Women Only!


Thatís the theme, anyway, at Ladies Workout Express, 3410 Del Lago Blvd., Ste A, in Escondido (right across from North County Fair).


Michele Nelson is one of those individuals who, when she sets her mind on a goal, reaches it and makes it a success.Such is the case with Ladies Workout Express.


Michele Nelson, owner of the Escondido
Ladies Workout Express



She took a degree in Accounting, then a Masters in Marketing and Computer Science . . . then, looking for something even more challenging, she bought the Ladies Workout Express and built it into the successful operation it is today.How?She hired talented people, she supplies the top hydraulic workout equipment (no dangerous stacks of weights, you vary the air pressure to adjust the resistance to meet your individual needs), and she offers a 30 minute circuit training center.All this combines to make your workout a short and enjoyable session.Whatís more, she has attracted a superb group of women as clients.They have formed a camaraderie that is clearly evident when you visit.And visit you should!Stop in and receive a free trial!


Youíll see how Circuit Training provides you with music, instructional cues and motivation.Circuit training will help tone and firm your body while you build cardiovascular endurance.Another great thing is . . . you can obtain three times the results in one-tenth the time!


Youíll find 16 to 24 Stations available for circuit training.Itís fast, safe, simple, and offers quick results.


You are welcome to try before you buy by taking advantage of a free trial.Just mention to Michele or her manager, perky Patty Westover, that you read about them in The Paper.Theyíll give you the Royal Treatment . . . and thatís an everyday event at Ladies Workout Express.See you there . . . have fun!


Members of the Ladies Workout Express working out:
left to right, Pat Flores, Terry Austin, and Laura Gardiner