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Professional Real Estate Advice November 18, 2004

John Puhek
Owner Broker/RE/MAX Professionals


The Best Approach to Defective Furnaces

The Best Approach to Defective Furnaces

by R. E. "SKYS" Sykes


If you have a Consolidated Industries H-Series furnace in your home, you need to give serious thought to replacing it immediately.  The US Consumer Product Safety Commission issued an alert several years ago for these furnaces.  Look for names like Premier, Amana, Carrier and others.  They were manufactured under the name of Consolidated Industries and some models were identified as potential fire hazards.  The problem became more severe when Consolidated Industries went into bankruptcy and replacement parts became unavailable.


Michael Whedon, a licensed certified fire investigator reports that a number of the Consolidated Industries H-series furnaces were poorly designed and represent both a fire hazard and a carbon monoxide hazard.


Whedon recommends immediate replacement of all these units.  He can be contacted directly for additional information at 909.352.2780 or via e-mail at


Property inspectors who belong to the California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) are aware of the hazards of these units and also recommend replacement.  Most contractors as well are recommending replacement of this unit.  Prudent buyers would insist that these units be replaced or that a licensed heating contractor inspect and put in writing that the unit is safe to operate.  Information such as this, which could literally save your life, is just one more reason to rely on professional  real estate brokers.  They are paid to know about problems like this . . . and to save you money . . . and to ensure your safety.