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Reverse Mortgages November 18, 2004

Laura Strickler
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage


You've worked hard to own your home

You've worked hard to own your home.  Isn't it time you begin to reap the benefits?  If you are age 62 or older a Reverse Mortgage enables you to convert some of your home's equity into tax-free* cash.  Whether you choose to pay bills, cover taxes, or finally buy that vacation home, you have money to cover your personal financial needs.


This loan allows seniors to make the most of their golden years.  The main features of the reverse mortgage are:


INDEPENDENCE: You continue to own and live in your home.


LIQUIDITY:  Receive monthly payments instead of making them.


SIMPLICITY: No income, credit, or employment requirements needed to qualify.**


CHOICE: You may receive funds as a lump sum, in monthly installments, as a line of credit,*** or as an upfront sum plus monthly allotments.


SECURITY: Does not affect Social Security or Medicare benefits.


OWNERSHIP: Your heirs can keep the property once the reverse mortgage is paid in full.


FREEDOM: No repayment of your loan as long as you live in your home.


Questions?  Call me, Laura Strickler, at 518-9839.