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Featured Merchants November 18, 2004

Curler & Comb

Curler & Comb

Does It All


Thereís a reason Cristy Rodriguez has been able to build Curler & Comb from a three chair Styling Salon to a 14 Chair Salon.Itís called Service . . . and itís called Talent.


Cristy has been able to attract top talents in the hair styling, facial, esthetics profession; whatís more, they stay there at the salon.Most of them have been there for an average of 10 years, some as long as 13.That says something about management.You have talent who stay with the same business for that long, you know they are treated well, you know they are happy, and when they are happy, they give great service to their clientele.


Whether itís a simple haircut, for men, women or children, perms, spirals, bigwave curls, tints, frosting, most anything you need to make you the most attractive person youíve ever been, youíll find at Curler & Comb.


Cristy has developed quite a reputation for applying permanent makeup (cosmetics) on: eyes, eyebrow, lip liner and full lips & beauty marks.She also offers wax depilation in eyebrows, lips, underarms, facial wax and arms.


Itís a one stop styling salon for all of your esthetic needs.Whether itís daytime or nighttime makeup, facials, acne treatments, dehydrated skin, or skin care in general . . .if you have a question on esthetics and cosmetology . . . you only need to ask at Curler & Comb.They have a large, talented staff, a number of whom specialize in specific areas.


Cristy Rodriguez - owner of Curler & Comb

Take a minute now and call Cristy at Curler & Comb.Discuss your costmetic concerns with her.Sheíll either answer the questions and make an appointment for you, or sheíll refer you to one of her specialists who will have the answers you need.


Cristy is proud to be part of the Escondido business community.She has spent the bulk of her life here, moving to Escondido at age 14, attending Escondido High School and, later, DeLoux School of Cosmetology.


She has been styling hair now for 21 years.And, she has been discovering talent for a variety of esthetic areas for years now.


Call her now at 745.1590.


Due to the many clients they have, it is almost always necessary to work by appointment.Call now!