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Featured Merchants October 7, 2004

La Fe Tortilleria

 La Fe Tortilleria


When that time comes when you get the hungries for authentic and tasty Mexican food . . . head for, or call, La Fe Torilleria in San Marcos.


For years, La Fe Tortilleria was just that, a tortilleria (manufacturer of torillas), supplying the wholesale trade with flour torillas.  Along comes successful Brawley businessman Hoxsie Smith, who had heard about La Fe Tortilleria and their reputation for top quality products.  He was so impressed he bought the business.  Not only did he maintain the reputation for flour tortillas of superb quality but he added corn tortillas, upgraded equipment and, two years ago, made the move from Escondido to their present prominent location at 461 W. Mission, San Marcos (see photo at right).


With this new 4000 sq. ft. facilitiy, Hoxsie decided to house the bakery, the kitchen, and a brand new restaurant all in one location.  He brought in all new equipment, trained staff, and opened up a beautiful, airy, and cozy restaurant that serves the consumer with the same fine quality that had made such a great reputation with his wholesale customers.


Patrons know that they can still find the best tortillas around, flour or corn, but they also have learned that La Fe Tortilleria has become legendary for their tamales.


Tamales, whether beef, chicken, pork, chili-cheese, or vegetable, La Fee Tortilleria makes them right.  And do they sell!  Sales are so brisk that Hoxsie has already put out the alert . . . “We have the holiday season just around the corner.  If you want some of our delicious tamales, please call your order in ahead of time.  The last few days before Christmas we are jumping here.  We want to fill your order but we really need the order in advance to accommodate all of our clientele.”


Today, the restaurant has become an instant hit with area business folks, middle school and college students from Palomar College and CSUSM.  Folks come from miles around to enjoy the relaxed ambience and tasty foods offered by La Fe Tortilleria.  Cozy indoor or outdoor patio seating offers the perfect chance to visit, to read the latest papers, or to just sit back and enjoy watching the world go by.


“Having grown up in Brawley,” Hoxsie says, “I got to know Mexican food at its finest.  That’s the same authenticity we insist on here at La Fe Tortilleria.  We also have a bakery that turns out fine Mexican pastries.  Called “pan dulces” (sweet breads, or sweet cakes), our pastries re not only tastier but they are healthier.  We don’t fry . . . we bake.  Our pastries are also not as sweet as the American pastries.  Tastier, but not sweeter.  Once you’ve tasted them, you’ll never go back to traditional American pastries.” 


Not content to rest on his laurels, Hoxsie’s next step was to begin offering a catering service.  Recently catering events for the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce as well as other distinguised clients and local families, La Fe Tortilleria is earning raves for this service as well.  Whether it’s a quick snack, for take out or for catering, call La Fe Tortilleria at 891.0199.