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Letters to the Editor September 9, 2004



More on Pharmacies

More on Pharmacies


Regarding your recent, excellent story on prescription drug prices: There were two components of the recent Medicare prescription drug benefit that were far more to the benefit of the pharmaceutical companies than to that of the consumer.


One was that consumers cannot import their medications from outside the United States. People have had their shipments seized by customs agents. They claim that it can't be "proven" that the drugs are safe. In fact, the Canadian government maintains a list of certified pharmacies, and there have not been documented problems in this regard.


The second thing is that the government is actually prohibited from bargaining for better prices, as Canada does.


The end result of all of this is that the Medicare prescription drug benefit is a difficult to use proposition for consumers, and a gift to the pharmaceutical industry.


Mr. Kalle Hunsaker

San Diego CA


And Still More on Pharmacies:


Dear Mr. Davis:


Thank you for a really informative investigation and another horrible reminder of how dire our health situation has become here in the USA, one of the world’s richest nations .  . one also with a widely heralded, but only a token relief prescription drug plan ahead, from our healthy and fully medically covered federal government.


It is so certainly time for a change!


I recently found John Kerry’s book, “A Call To Service, My Vision For a Better America,” now available in paperback.  It includes detailed chapters on critical issues such as expanding health care to include all citizens, creating world class schools for our children, urgently preserving our environment and redirecting our energy independence. 


This $12 book has enlighted me as to the goals of a Kerry administration and has a huge emphasis on health care. 


/s/Mary Stovell

San Marcos, Ca.



In Answer to a “Liberal”


Responding to Janet M. Luke, a proud "liberal," giving the liberals credit for the many entitlements and features she listed in your September 2nd issue,  heed this warning:  If we lose the War on Terrorism all these things will also likely be lost.   It was Abraham Lincoln who was wise enough to counsel,  "don't change horses in mid-stream." You might keep this in mind when you go to the polls in November.


Henry M. Sanford

San Marcos, CA 92078