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Kaufman’s Korner September 9, 2004

Howard Kaufman


The Jokers Are Mild

The Jokers Are Mild

At our men’s weekly poetry session

We decided to buy some paint

To cover the sign which shows Will Shakes-

Peare as our patron saint.

We’d rhyme up a storm each Thursday night

After our poker game,

But our masterpieces began to sound

From week to week the same.


We blame it on Shakespeare with whom

we were smitten,

He got all the good lines to write.

They said he was boffo all over Britain

As nothing he wrote was trite,

Like “bated breath,” and “budge an inch,”

And “all the world’s a stage,”

“The course of true love,” -- still a cinch,

And ‘“brevity . . .” still witty on the page.


So we decided after pretzels and beer,

“Good riddance” to being bards,

Will’s finished and so is the poetry club,

That’s how we’re playing our cards.