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Contact Us September 9, 2004


Let us know your thoughts! 
Agree or Disagree With Us.
Others may feel just as you do. 

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Editor/Publisher: Lyle E. Davis
Associate Publisher: Evelyn Madison
Business Manager: Evelyn Madison
Marketing Consultant:  Raymond Haukedahl
Classified Ads:  Eric Wormser
Art Director: Troy T. Larson
Website Master: Darci Roger
Legal Commentary:  John Smylie
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Statement of Purpose

The Paper exists for a community of citizens by offering news, opinions, advertising and community service and is a private enterprise which must succeed as a business.



The United States is virtually unique among nations to guarantee its people the right of free speech. That explicitly includes freedom of the press. The responsibility and opportunity is to seek truth and justice, to question government and authority, to champion causes of the minority or the majority, and to foster comment and opinion.

Legally adjudicated by Superior Court Judgment #N9220 to publish public notices. Published each Thursday in San Marcos, CA. Contents may not be reprinted without written permission of the publisher. Copyright 2002. Editorial and advertising deadlines: 10AM Monday prior to Thursday publication.