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Kaufmanís Korner September 2, 2004

Howard Kaufman


Canít Duck This Choice

Canít Duck This Choice

(Yahoo and Gannet sponsor favorite advertisng icon contest:

Wall Street Journal news item)


Which all-time favorite would you choose,

Buster Brown of kiddie shoes?

Or some adult you think reliant;

Mr. Peanut or Jolly Green Giant?

Or, opening your memory locker,

The RCA dog or Betty Crocker?

(Little Debbie is mighty cute,

And thereís Tony the Tiger, that cereal brute).

Would you opt for the tubular Michelin man?

Or Pillsbury Doughboy popped from a can?

Or--what do you think Mac, about Craker Jack?

For me?Itís that duck-about-town . . Aflac.