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Social Butterfly September 2, 2004

Dr Dorota Pearson, DVM


Did you know about allergies

Did you know about allergies?


• There are pet dermatologists just as there are people skin doctors.


  The most common time for allergies to develop in pets is between one and three years of age.  The vast majority of food allergies develop between two and six years of age.

  Allergic dogs chew their feet because the foot is the only place dogs have sweat glands.


  15% of all cats suffer from one or more allergies.


  Pets must be exposed to allergens for some time before an allergy develops.


  To test pets for food allergies, you must feed them an elimination diet for 12 weeks and reintroduce allergens individually to determine if they react to them.


  Flea control is essential in pets suffering from any allergies.


  If you have questions relating to your pets health, call us at Pearson’s Animal Hospital at 598-2512.


  Remember, just as you suffer from hay fever, skin rashes, runny nose, headache, fever . . often from allergies . . . so it is with your pets.  They can’t tell you what is troubling them.  It takes trained personnel to diagnose the problem and to treat it.


We’re here to serve . . . you and your pets.  Call us.  We can most likely help.