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Your Body Can Heal Itself! July 15, 2004

Dr. Hoon Lim


We hope, through these series of columns we offer, that you are beginning to understand what a wonderful product of life your

We hope, through these series of columns we offer, that you are beginning to understand what a wonderful product of life your body is!


How easy is it?Well, letís take a look at monkeys.They seem to have it down pretty well.


Let me give you an example of how much monkeys are in tune with their body. They've done some studies with monkeys in the wilderness. They found out that when the monkeys had diarrhea, they would go and eat some particular leaves and become well. Later on, they learned that there was a certain substance in the leaves that rid them of the toxins and helped their diarrhea. Did the monkeys have a Ph.D. in nutrition? Of course, not! Do you suppose, maybe, the monkeys are more in tune with their bodies than we, as human beings, are? Have you ever had a craving for something healthy like bananas? It may have been a signal from your body that it needed potassium. Learn to listen to the signals of your body. When you feel thirsty that's an obvious signal from your body that you need water! Our God-given, innate intelligence knows what is good for our body. The Wisdom that created the universe is the same wisdom that created our body.


Dr. Bernard Jensen, a renowned nutritionist, said, "Green inside, clean inside." Green foods are terrific in helping your body clean itself of toxins.In much the same way a cut needs to be clean to heal, the body needs to be clean to function properly. Therefore, remember to eat your vegetables, and next week I'll tell you more about why.


Time to meet another of our wonderful patients.

Hereís Candace DeSoto Mayor:


ďI have been Dr. Limís patient for two years.Iíve had a number of injuries to my back and neck for 20 years and have seen many chiropractors, but with limited results and relief.I was in constant pain.ThenI was referred to Dr. Lim .He listened to my symptoms, did a thorough examination, and recommended a treatment plan.


For the first time I have experienced complete pain relief and we are working to correct the root of the problem.I am constantly surprised by Dr. Limís wealth of knowledge, experience, and vast repertoire of techniques, which he continually builds on.I believe his genuine desire to help his patients and lay the foundation for the body to heal itself, coupled with his deft, adept and gifted touch, make him a true king among chiropractors.Ē


We thank Candace DeSoto Mayor for her kind comments and her testimony.


We hope youíll join us and learn the Seven Habits for Abundant Health. We teach these habits in a series of three Wednesday night meetings from 6 to 7:30pm.They are free, nothing is sold, there is no admission fee.You and your family are invited to attend.Please call to RSVP as seating is limited.Blessings to you and yours.