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Cover Story July 01, 2004


by lyle e davis


Just this past weekend we have heard, read, or seen reports detailing what appears to be random acts of violence that often lead to the victim's death.  And, no, these are not acts of violence in Iraq . . . this is right here . . . in the good old USA.


Item:  Omaha, Nebraska:  A 16-year-old girl, Chastity Wright, was beaten to death for no apparent reason.  The assault took place outside a Burger King in Omaha.  A number of witnesses watched as five girls beat and kicked the helpless 16-year-old.


Nicknamed "Chat," she was working two jobs, was concerned about wearing nice clothes, kept her hair neatly groomed, and had a trademark . . . her distinctive eyeshadow.  Her grooming and clothes may have been what triggered the attack, observers say.  "There were girls at South High who were jealous of her and had bullied her all year," relatives said.








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