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Letters to the Editor June 17, 2004

Vandals in Lake San Marcos



Vandals in Lake San Marcos?


A few days ago, all four tires on my car were slashed beyond repair. The car was legally parked at 1875 San Pablo Dr. There was a car parked next to it, two more across the street and another three cars parked within 150 feet, none of them affected.


Concurrently with the slashing of the tires, a political bumper-sticker was crudely removed from the rear bumper. More likely than not, the bumper sticker seem to have provoked the cowardly attack. One needs to pause and accept that regardless of the tenor of the bumper-sticker, the criminal was not justified in destroying another person’s property. 


The crime was committed to curtail the inalienable right to express ourselves. That right is crucial to continue to make this country great.  Attempting to silence a single person is not only an attack on that person, but an attack on every one of us.


What kind of a person would attack a defenseless and inanimate object?  Indeed not an honorable person.  Ironically, the sticker showed one potential way to have more honor in our lives.


One wants to believe that this kind of unscrupulous person does not live in one's community. Unfortunately, law enforcement statistics show that the likely perpetrator of this kind of sinister attack resides in the vicinity.


I kindly request that if you have seen or heard anything related to this crime, to please let me know. Your identity will certainly be protected. Thanks in advance for your consideration.


Abel Valls

Lake San Marcos



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