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Your Body
       Can Heal Itself!
June 17, 2004

Dr. Hoon Lim

We hope through these series of columns we offer that you are beginning to understand what a wonderful product of life your bo

We hope through these series of columns we offer that you are beginning to understand what a wonderful product of life your body is!Let us remember how beautifully our body functions. A miracle of life is taking place in our body every moment. Think about it, how does your body know how to separate the carbohydrates, proteins and fatty acids to make living cells out of them? There are no drugs or doctors that know how to accomplish this, and yet the inner wisdom in our body knows how.


When you put food into a person's mouth, it will be digested, assimilated, metabolized and utilized to make new cells by the life force. The innate, inner wisdom of our body knows exactly what part of the food needs to go to the heart cells, eyes, hair and even toenails!


When it comes to nutrition, I always teach moderation. Moderation means balance, harmony and order. When playing the violin, if the strings are too tight, they can snap. If the strings are too loose, they won't play. In order to make beautiful music, the strings need to be perfectly in tune. Our body is like a musical instrument. It has to be balanced; this is called being in homeostasis.


Here's a question for you. Do you think I know, as a doctor, whether or not the liver in my body needs more chemicals or fewer chemicals for its function, right at this moment? No, of course not. Then how do you suppose I should know what is needed for your liver, right at this moment? Yes, I can generalize it, but only the inner wisdom of your body knows what is best for your liver, every moment of the day. It is important for you to be in tune with the inner wisdom, to know what is good for your body.††† We will be happy to help you in that search for your inner wisdom.†††††††††††


This week, another of our patients shares her testimony.Meet Ivalene Morrow, of Escondido:


Surprisingly enough, I found Dr. Lim in theYellow Pages.I saw in his ad he was a Christian and figured, Ďwell, thatís pretty good.So I called him.톆 I was very lucky to have found him.Heís a wonderful doctor.


I had been having headaches all my life, but at that time I had them almost every day.I also had lower back pain.Dr. Lim took x-rays and he and I could see that my spine was out of line.He began treatment and now I very seldom have headaches.The relief from pain is remarkable.Going from having had headaches almost every day, to seldom having them . . . well, itís a blessing.


Iíve attended all three of his lectures, Iíve learned a lot about chiropractic, adjustments, attitudes, nutrition.Itís really helped me in my life planning.Another bonus is that Dr. Limís staff is just great.Theyíve very friendly. . .they are like family.


We thank Ivalene Morrow for her kind comments and her testimony.


We hope youíll join us and learn the Seven Habits for Abundant Health. We teach these habits in a series of three Wednesday night meetings from 6 to 7:30pm.They are free, nothing is sold, there is no admission fee.You and your family are invited to attend.Please call to RSVP as seating is limited.Blessings to you and yours.






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